Friday, December 1, 2006

Joyful Holidaze!

Whew! Well, we've gotten through another Mercury retrograde intact and are hopefully enjoying benefits this period of introspection brought to us. November was a very dynamic month, with several planets vibrating primarily with Scorpio, and Uranus going direct. Now we're about to plunge head first into the somewhat dizzying, holiday-laden month of December, with Sagittarius playing a dominant role in bringing out our whimsical child-like natures.

During December, the Sun will remain in Sagittarius until the 23rd, which gives a spark of joviality as we prepare for the upcoming holidaze. Take this opportunity to get in touch with the playful spirit of the Celestial Archer while you're decking those halls and gathering gifts. Have fun with everything this season has to offer, including the maddening crowds, busy social schedules, and heftier work demands (yes, it is possible to have fun with these things, ask anyone with Sagittarius Sun, rising, or other Sagittarius prominence in their natal charts) - remembering that joyful living is the true meaning of our existence. On that note, try to stay mindful of those who could really benefit from some extra kindness during this season -- it's good karma for you, and a bit of extra love and inspiration for those who may be feeling challenged and a bit out of alignment with their own joy. As the Sun moves into Capricorn on the 23rd, work toward blending the easygoing, unreserved nature of Sagittarius with the sensible, controlled, prosperity-minded Capricorn, insuring that our generosity is coupled with retaining and generating more abundance for ourselves. This will also inspire us to ring in the New Year happily, holding the highest intentions for all to enjoy a successful, abundant 2007.

Mercury, the planet of contemplation, communication and travel, enters Sagittarius on the 8th, wrenching our thoughts and interactions loose from the inwardly pensive Scorpionic approach we've been experiencing, and into a more extroverted, lively Sagittarian reflection and expression. We may often find ourselves feeling the urge to speak our personal philosophical truths during this period, perhaps climbing onto a quirky soapbox or two, and could benefit greatly from pausing a moment and listening to our own deepest inner voices before sharing. This could prove a bit of a challenge when aggressive Mars joins Mercury and Jupiter in compulsive Sagittarius on the 7th, bringing with it an urge for direct action and passion, but hey…we're always up for a good growth opportunity, right? You can best utilize this opportunity by pursuing formal or personal studies in philosophy and/or religion. Just remember that we all would do well to do a little less talking and a lot more listening when these planetary influences are tapping on our shoulders.

When Mercury joins the Sun in Capricorn on the 28th, we'll settle into more practical, down-to-earth thoughts and modes of expression. We can convey ourselves in a much more controlled manner than when Mercury was at play in expansive Sagittarius, but we don't have to necessarily become stodgy about it, either. This Capricornian influence, however, gives the benefit of providing a grounding energy to help us move solidly into the New Year.

Venus, the planet of beauty, social engagements, love and the arts, will also sashay her way past Sagittarius and into Capricorn on the 12th of this month, assuming her role as gracious hostess by holding the door for the Sun and Mercury to join her later. In Capricorn, Venus takes on a less playful countenance than when she graced the stars of Sagittarius, becoming more refined and controlled. While this influence may be good for giving us a more solid grounding in our romantic relationships, as well as serve to reel in our tendencies toward extravagance, we might also try to retain at least some of the playfulness we enjoyed this past month, keeping aligned with close, loving vibrations, especially when it comes to romantic partnerships.

Saturn, the planet of stability and discipline, goes retrograde in Leo on the 6th, and will remain in retrograde motion until April, 2007. Saturn retrograde gives us the opportunity to relax a little and review any issues of responsibility in our lives. Have we been creating positive change in our lives as of late? This reverse motion of Saturn allows us to clearly see what we have been working on thus far, and offers us the opportunity to release any excess baggage we've been carrying around with us, which would be highly beneficial to do before the first of the year. You may wish to participate in a private or public observance, such as a Burning Bowl Ceremony or another constructive purifying activity, on or before New Year's Eve. This will help you cleanse yourself spiritually and emotionally in happy anticipation for good things to come in the New Year. This time could also be utilized to recognize and appreciate the progress you have made in your life toward your fullest potential, and become conscious of what you can do to further your growth. Saturn is a wonderful teacher, and we are all very fortunate to be his students!

We are blessed with a Full Moon in Gemini on the 4th, which means that our mental energy is high, conversations are frenzied, and our energies are edgy, inquisitive and intellectually stimulated. Gemini inspires variety on an emotional level, and anything new and intriguing will be a welcome addition. The Full Moon signifies a time of maturity and the culmination and finalizing of plans, and Gemini makes us all a bit on the talkative side, so you may wish to take the phone off the hook while wrapping up any existing projects.

The New Moon, a wonderful time of new beginnings and births of all kinds, will occur first in Sagittarius, then Capricorn on the 20th. This could be a very good time to start a new business, if you've been contemplating and preparing for such an endeavor (since Capricorn is all about the business aspect of things), or to begin a new organizing project. Whatever it is that you choose to initiate during this period, just remember to have fun with it.

We will be treated to the annual Geminids meteor shower on the 12th - 14th, which are usually beautiful, prolific and reliable, so anyone hearty enough to brave the cold December nights and have a clear view of the eastern skies should begin viewing around 9:00 pm on Tuesday, with the peak occurring after midnight on Thursday.

It is my fondest wish that we all enjoy this holiday season in whatever way we may choose to celebrate it. Remember to give thanks for the blessings and support you have received throughout the year, even if there were some challenges along the way; since they can prove to be our greatest opportunities. Here's a fun activity you may wish to try: Many traditions hold that whatever a person is experiencing at the stroke of midnight on New Year's Eve will represent what they can expect for the coming year. With that in mind, remember to ring in the New Year surrounded by symbols of all the blessings that you intend to manifest for yourself in the year to come, including plenty of cash in your pockets and a passionate kiss from someone you love!

Namaste, and many blessings from my heart to yours!

Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Celestial Events and Human Potential

Thank you for arriving at my blog's doorstep on this blustery November day! My name is Carole, and I've been studying Astrology since the early 80's. I have discovered amazing things regarding astrology's validity and its usefulness in gathering insight into life situations and human potential. We each have within us the makings of greatness, and astrology is one of many powerful tools available to help us find our own personal gifts, exemplify our highest potential, and remain faithful to our soul purpose.

It's easy to get lost in the expectations of others, mundane circumstances, and the stories that we tell ourselves. Astrology brings us back home to who we truly are and what we have to offer ourselves and the world. It is so much more than a fortune-telling device, as some perceive it, and can be instrumental in raising our awareness of the truths within us and around us. Let's explore how current celestial events can indicate the opportunities present for creating positive change in our lives, and in the world.

For November 2006,

Strap yourselves in and enjoy the ride! The Sun has been transiting intense and deeply passionate Scorpio since October 23rd, and will continue its trek through this sign until November 22, when it moves into the more adventurous, fun-loving Sagittarius. The key phrase to think about when regarding Sun in Scorpio is "still waters run deep," and while this sign is intense, it is a deep, smoldering intensity that lends itself to getting to the heart of matters, whether they be romantic or practical, mundane or spiritual. Sexual energies are intensified, and lend themselves to interesting explorations into our own potentials for pleasure at this time. Now is the time to probe deeply into every activity, compelling our energies toward finding the core directive of our work and our play.

As if things weren't intense enough, we're also being graced with Mercury retrograde in Scorpio from Oct. 28th thru Nov. 17th — still affecting us until the 22nd — and inspiring us to think deeply about serious matters and the deeper meaning of life. When Mercury is retrograde, we find great benefit in utilizing the opportunity to go within, seeking our inner wisdom and learning from our recent and past experiences, rather than making decisions, signing contracts and committing ourselves to agreements. A retrograde Mercury demands that we put off external activities such as these and focus upon inner reflection. It also reminds us to remain in the present while we're driving and traveling, because our thoughts can wander and make us a bit absent-minded. A suggested choice at this time is to release the need for contractual commitments and finalizing plans and welcome the unexpected!

Full Moon in Taurus on the 5th brings to focus our emotional attachments to money, comfort and security. Decisions can be made at this time, and with the influence of Scorpio, Sun and Mercury, our objectives toward this end can be forceful, strong-willed and deeply determined. Choose to use this energy to its fullest potential by setting the intention for creating positive change for the highest good of all. New Moon in Scorpio on the 20th inspires us to transform and transcend our emotional understanding of any present situations, providing the way for anything new that we want to bring into our lives.

Venus and Jupiter move into Sagittarius on the 17th and 23rd respectively, inspiring fun, adventure, pleasure-seeking, and social enjoyment, while fostering optimism about our futures and encouraging us to gain a better understanding of our own philosophical beliefs and education. Jupiter rules Sagittarius, so its transit through its own sign for the rest of this year and most of next gives us a sense of homecoming as we expand our knowledge and deeper understandings with ease.

With Uranus in Pisces going direct on the 20th, the key phrase for all of us is "Go with the flow." As powerful co-creators, we are capable of practicing deep acceptance and remaining flexible, which is the attitude we would do well to be mindful of during the two months of exciting turbulence that is created when Uranus turns direct. Just remember to relax and enjoy the romp!