Saturday, September 4, 2010

Transformation through the Chiron Experience

Chiron’s current transit through Aquarius is bonking all five of my major planets in Aquarius on the head, inspiring me to shift gears and examine this celestial tourist to our solar system a bit more closely. Feel like coming along for the ride?

Chiron is a large comet that makes an erratic orbit between Saturn and Uranus. It is thought among some groups that Chiron is a temporary visitor from outside our solar system who will do his work and eventually leave. (His departure will very likely be inspired by getting a solid boot to the behind by Saturn’s forceful energies.) Chiron’s influences are both specific, and broad-based. He is thought to be the connection between the inner, personal planets and the outer planets, which represent the collective and transpersonal self. Chiron is also considered to be the rainbow bridge that is leading us out of the Age of Pisces and into the Age of Aquarius.

While still in its infancy, Chiron is a fascinating personal subject of study for me, partly due to the profound appearance of his gifts in my life and in the lives of those I love, and also because of the arts and sciences in which Chiron plays an integral role. For example, Chiron rules the study and application of the science of astrology. His expertise also lies in the therapeutic use of crystals, and in all types of holistic healing modalities, especially those that involve the use of one’s hands; i.e. massage, Reiki, polarity therapy, applied kinesiology, etc.

The Healing Wound

Chiron brings to the surface the wounded healer that exists in all of us. Wherever Chiron is located in your natal birth chart, including house placement, sign and aspect relations, indicates the nature of your own inner woundedness. It further indicates how your frustrated efforts at finding relief from your suffering serve to manifest positively in the ways in which you can utilize wisdom from your experiences to bring freedom from suffering to others. The key to initiating your own healing is to face the fear or event that caused the trauma, and then to move toward transforming it into something empowering. The opportunities for this are endless. This unhealed wound acts as a magnet, you see, attracting experiences to you that offer opportunities to move closer to your own wholeness by assisting others in reaching theirs. It is by reaching out to others in service that you then can loosen the grip you have on our own suffering just a tiny bit more.

The key is not to resist or resent the nature and effects of this wound, nor to deny its existence, but to allow it to inspire you to use its gifts to be of benefit to others. It is by understanding the injury’s purpose that you can then transform its impact on your life from a deep suffering to feelings of elation in the knowledge that you have something powerful to offer this world.

The phrase “necessity is the mother of invention” comes to mind; for if you hadn’t experienced the initial trauma, you may never have been inspired to be of service to others, and subsequently yourself, by teaching what you have learned from your efforts to find relief.

Therein lies your own reclamation.

In essence, Chiron’s gift is in inspiring us to express our higher purpose; the desire to reach out to others in an effort to heal and to teach.

The Bridge of Resolution

Chiron promotes reconciliation in both our inner experiences and our outer experiences by serving as a bridge between opposites. For example, through Chiron, internal reconciliation can occur between our lower natures and higher selves, our heads with our hearts, our past with our present, and ourselves with God. Externally, Chiron promotes understanding and compromise between opposing Sun signs, men and women, between the races, and between the nations of this world.

The methods that Chiron uses to promote healing between opposites can vary in nature. Forgiveness is a major key to reconciliation, since so many of our deeper wounds require the ability to forgive in order to heal. Releasing anger and hurt allows room for Love and acceptance to grow and then thrive in our personal and global relationships. Love is the key to all healing, and through love we can then move from a place of pain and fear to a place of joy and freedom.

Transit Opportunities

Chiron’s transiting movements through our charts inspire us to face the elements of our suffering by activating areas of our lives that relate to our wound’s origin. This necessitates the need to examine our past, to courageously face our demons, and to release their influence over our lives and reactive behaviors once and for all.

For example, let’s look at the case of a woman experiencing a lifetime of failed, very painful relationships with men. She can often be heard lamenting that all the men she dates look very different at the beginning, but end up looking the same in the end. Chiron then moves to a position in her chart, activating a situation that inspires the woman to face deep-seated issues she has experienced as a result of her father’s toxic influence on her childhood. The resulting revelation can have a profound effect on the woman; inspiring understanding within that she unconsciously recreates the events of her childhood with the men she chooses in her life, thereby reopening that deep inner wound. This in turn inspires the desire within her to heal these issues with her father so that she can move forward into wholeness.

As a result of her efforts to heal, this woman begins to help others with similar situations by sharing her acquired wisdom, inspiring them to examine their own motives in selecting their mates. By doing this work with others, the woman begins to make better choices for herself in her selection of men. In facilitating the healing in others, the woman begins to heal herself, and finds her own reclamation.

We all have areas in our lives that reflect our inner suffering. Many of us have found healing by identifying the nature of our suffering, and then by doing the work described above. Everyone can create their own healing journey by learning about and utilizing the gifts that Chiron’s visit to our solar system is offering. Current events are making way for a new Universal understanding that will require us to heal our inner wounds before we can fully experience the expanding collective consciousness that is taking place. As always, we have a choice to do the work involved or to stay behind by keeping our status quo. Whatever your choice may be, remain content in the knowledge that you are loved unconditionally, no matter what.

For more information, and to find out how you can identify and heal your own inner woundedness, contact an experienced astrologer who can assist you on your journey. We are here to be of service to you.


Sunday, August 1, 2010

Jupiter's Dance with Aries

Jupiter’s Dance with Aries by Carole A. Ward
All through the year 2010, Jupiter has been uncharacteristically active. While our largest planet’s usual MO is to transit each zodiac sign once every twelve months, visiting for awhile before changing signs approximately once per year; 2010 is an exception to the rule.

For instance, we began the year with Jupiter finishing up his transit through Aquarius before transitioning over to Pisces on January 19. Jupiter then made a mad dash through Pisces on his way to a meeting with Aries on June 6. I know what Pisces must be thinking: “Jeesh! That’s hardly time for a quick cup of tea!” Well, Pisces can rest assured that Jupiter will soon again be tipping his hat at the door, because he’s shifted into retrograde motion as of July 23, and is now heading back down Pisces’ way. He should be arriving at the doorstep on September 9, for yet another speedy visit that will end on January 22, 2010, when he departs on schedule for another hectic get-together with Aries.

Whew! That’s quite a bit of activity in one year for our esteemed planetary geezer! I don’t remember when I’ve last seen Jupiter’s dance card so full.

Jupiter in Aries is a time when we experience expansive spontaneity. Aries loves to initiate activities, beginning with a jazzy gusto that is infectious to all involved. Indulgent Jupiter is currently giving the nod to Aries, which means we will have more opportunities to kick off projects and ideas that have been either long burning a hole in our minds, or that have just popped into our heads from out of the blue.

What is important to bear in mind, however, is the restless, fiery nature of Aries. As the youngest child of the Zodiac and ruled by Mars, Aries wants to experience everything anew, always sure that the coolest party certainly MUST be happening on the next block over. After getting everyone all riled up about one plan of action, off he runs in pursuit of the next big happening; restlessly hopping from one fabulous activity to another with an eagerness that will make your head spin!

Anyone who has dealt with an Aries or two in their lives will attest to the tremendous cataclysm that results when someone tries to put the brakes on the movements of our cosmic hyper-child, who is busy pounding around the Universe in search of the next grand adventure. If you need an accurate illustration, picture an overly-indulged child that has just become acquainted with the meaning of the word “no.” Yeah…did anyone order a War God?

With this visual planted firmly in your mind, proceed in any worthwhile activities with more than the customary fail-safes in place. In other words, when it comes to that earth-shaking project that you’ve just gotten the green light to begin, make certain you’ve got some stable back-up players that will see it through to the end, should you be called away on another big adventure. The lenience of Jupiter coupled with Ariean impetuosity can also inspire us to jump the gun a bit before all the necessary elements are present and accounted for.

Just make sure that someone’s got your back before charging ahead. You’ll thank me later.

The biggest benefit of Jupiter in Aries is the immense sense of confidence we feel, especially in the areas of our charts that Aries resides and that Jupiter’s movements are activating. For example, I have Jupiter in Aries in my 9th house. This inspires great self-assurance within me regarding my pursuits of higher education, enabling me to attain lofty achievement whenever I hit the books, which is almost constant. I love learning. It’s my thing.

This placement in my chart also affords poise in expressing my philosophical musings, while tossing some practical realism and problem-solving capabilities into the mix. My optimistic and avant-garde spirit, complements of Jupiter in Aries in the 9th house, has taken me far and wide into a myriad of interesting and breathtaking experiences that have been a bit unnerving on more than one occasion for both me and my loved ones. It has been quite a fun romp, however, and I’m looking forward to more…especially with Jupiter’s current transit through Aries! Yowzah!

Wherever Aries resides in your own chart is also an area of your life that is getting a caffeinated jolt of confidence and decisive action as of this writing, as it will again at the beginning of next year. If you have Aries in the 1st House, for instance, your natural courageous and impetuous nature is kicked into high gear at this time, giving you the momentum to fully and unabashedly express yourself to those around you. It would be prudent of you, however, to consciously reign in that fiery personality a bit when your temper gets triggered during Jupiter’s transit, unless you don’t mind cleaning up some potentially messy results!

Jupiter visiting Aries in the 2nd House may inspire natives to do a bit more financial gambling than usual, which may be disastrous, as these economic times call for more conservative handling of our material resources. Best to veer away from risky speculations and those one-armed bandits for the time being, lest you lose your shirts!

Those with Aries in the 3rd house are experiencing a desire to engage in a considerable amount of short-distance travel and explorations into close and uncharted territory. A heightened interest in studying machinery and construction can be felt, along with some pretty hefty bursts of intellectual creativity! When you’re jaunting around in your car, however, do take care. You may be a bit more impulsive behind the wheel than usual.

4th House Aries individuals are likely experiencing dynamic happenings in their domestic environments as a result of Jupiter’s transit through this house. You may experience some arguments and upheaval, especially among the male members of the household, or perhaps you’ll just get this maddening urge to revamp the whole house! I advise you to get some assistance from others in this endeavor; I have a sneaky suspicion that you may bite off more than you can chew. On the other hand, you may experience a restless need to relocate altogether. Just try to give the idea some thought and careful planning before you pull up stakes and take the show on the road.

5th House Aries folks are experiencing a rather passionate period where love-making is delightfully spontaneous and highly satisfying…or should I say even more so? Those lucky souls who are romantic partners with these individuals are likely wandering around with dreamy smiles on their faces on an almost daily basis! Romance and arduous activities are heightened, and pleasure is at the forefront, along with the desire to create; be it children of the body, or of the mind.

Those with Aries in the 6th House are putting a great deal more energy into their already hard-working lives. These individuals are driving themselves more diligently than normal, and are likely expecting others to follow suit. It’s important to recognize this sudden surge forward as unique to your own experience, and to allow others to distribute their energies in whatever direction they are being pulled.

There is a drive to enter into partnership for those with Aries in the 7th House…a bit more than usual as Jupiter activates your nesting instincts. The typical passive/aggressive nature these natives express in their working or romantic partnerships will be triggered while Jupiter passes through. It’s important to take an authentic, honest approach with your partners, especially during this time, and try not to use manipulation or a domineering stance on them. It rarely bodes well in what is likely the most important relationship of your life.

Jupiter in Aries transiting your 8th House gives a dynamic thrust toward activities involved in jointly-held finances, sexual flights of fancy, and a powerful fascination for studying the occult. Watch that you don’t get so caught up in your indulgences of those fun and heated fantasies that real life takes an unhealthy dive on your list of priorities. Balance is key, my friend!

Jupiter’s trip through your Ariean-held 10th house is giving your career-driven nature a chance to shine in the spotlight as the volume on your competitive urge is dialed up to 11! (It goes to 11) Just remember not to fight too dirty as you clamor your way to the top, and exercise a healthy restraint when you smell blood in the water. Burning bridges at this juncture may cost you in the future, so I encourage you to bear this in mind...and then go for it!

11th House in Aries individuals are experiencing a greater need to take a leadership role in all their personal and professional associations and group activities. All their energy is being funneled into a drive to promote whatever cause they cherish, and many can benefit from their passion! When it comes to friendships, please remember that what you give off will be reflected back, and so to gain respect you must first respect others, and endeavor to resist the need to dominate at this time.

Jupiter’s jog through the 12th House gives the natives an intensified attraction to the underdog, the downtrodden or otherwise outcast individuals. Whether it be a sincere desire to help, a strong fascination toward, or a burning desire to understand what mystifies you, you feel compelled toward deep subconscious explorations at this time. Your own subconscious reactions may be intensified, and you may find that professional counseling can be most beneficial to help you to understand your own motivations.

Wherever Jupiter touches Aries in your chart this year, expect growth, opportunities and increase to be the name of the game. Jupiter is a benevolent, if not highly indulgent energy; allowing us freedom to explore to our heart’s content that which compels us forward. I invite you to make the most of the positive effects of this transit, and become ever mindful of maintaining balance throughout this experience. Above all else, make it fun!


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

When Expansion and Genius Meet

An exciting conjunction begins this month between Jupiter and Uranus in Aries beginning June 8 and lasting for approximately three months. This particular conjunction is pretty rare, because while Jupiter and Uranus meet in conjunction once every 14 years, the opportunity for them to meet in the sign Aries is decidedly more infrequent: about once every 83 or so years.

When a conjunction between Uranus and Jupiter occurs in the sign Aries, the impetus for giant leaps forward in technology and/or expanded consciousness is set in place. The last time Uranus and Jupiter were conjunct in Aries, on May 20-21in the year 1927, a young man named Charles Lindbergh (an Aquarian ruled by Uranus) made the first non-stop solo flight across the Atlantic in his single-engine monoplane named The Spirit of St. Louis. Groups of people huddled around radios worldwide to listen in awe as reports of his departure from Long Island and his subsequent safe landing in Paris were broadcast around the world.

A key phrase whenever Uranus is involved in anything is “expect the unexpected.” (Those of us who are familiar with an Aquarian or two will certainly concur.) Uranus is the planet of science and technology, sudden, unexpected changes, all things non-conventional and sheer, unbridled genius. Known as the absent-minded professor, Uranus is constantly at work inspiring creative mastermind’s worldwide into conjuring up all sorts of interesting contraptions that are altogether functional, exciting and terribly cool!

This Uranian unpredictability is certainly exacerbated by the appearance of Aries in the mix. Aries is an impetuous energy; charging forward into uncharted territory with the zest and vigor of one who doesn’t know any better, and doesn’t really care. The great vanguard of the Zodiac, Aries is known for leading us courageously into our next great adventure with tremendous fanfare and hoopla.

Combine these two elements with our indulgent father of the Zodiac, Jupiter, and just watch the alchemical transformation take place! Jupiter is an expansive energy, and tends to place no limits to how much rope he’ll afford us as we plunge forward into a new age of science and technology! With Jupiter’s highly spiritual influence, we can likely anticipate that these new breakthroughs will have a strong element of the esoteric this time around. All indications are pointing at solid breakthroughs in technology that will involve the Higher arts. Perhaps we’ll finally make that much anticipated contact with other beings from distant places or dimensions that we hear about more and more these days. Most certainly we will make tremendous personal as well as collective strides in our own explorations into what may have previously been deemed impossible territories…both on the physical and metaphysical planes.

On a more mundane level, perhaps they’ll finally figure out how to plug up that oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico! One can hope. However, I digress…

For the individual, wherever this conjunction occurs in your chart will indicate where in your life you become willing to make shifts that you normally would not feel inspired to make. This is very exciting, because these shifts could occur in the form of explorations into one’s creative potential, a profound move toward the overcoming of fears, and/or a huge step in a direction that once was considered unfeasible. I’m not talking baby steps here…with Jupiter, Aries and Uranus working in unison, these shifts will be more like quantum leaps with a capital “Q”!

The key is to let go of any residual resistance we may feel. We have the opportunity at this time to experience a tremendous leap of consciousness into a whole new dimension of being, which will require a courageous leap of faith. What is occurring now is in direct alignment with the great changes in consciousness that have been taking place recently within our personal and collective experiences. I have covered some of these transformations in many past articles, which can be accessed in our CMJ archives.

It’s important to understand that we are now being gifted with a great opportunity to dig ourselves out of our carefully constructed, self-imposed limitations and experience freedom and joy in many forms; the majority of which will be witnessed on the everyday level for sure. For those of us who are open and allowing, these shifts will likely be experienced in the form of a great opening up in our awareness and knowledge of our connectedness with each other through our ever-present connection with the Divine.


Thursday, April 1, 2010

Lopsided Logic or Really Nifty Reasoning?

When you think of astrology, or even hear a reference to it, do you ever ask yourself, “How can something millions of miles away affect us here on Earth?” In my personal experience, I remember how my dad used to rail on and on about that very thing whenever I was foolish enough to broach the subject as a kid. He’s a good guy, don’t get me wrong; he’s just very, very strong in his opinions. And as a person born with a deep affection and fascination for the mystical, being raised by a highly cynical, firmly rooted in “reality” Scorpio father was a bit of a challenge for me on more than one occasion. (I’m sure that I knew what I was doing when I decided to hang out with him for awhile in this lifetime…I’m sure of it. After all, I love my dad, and I love a challenge. Makes perfect sense to me!)

Back then, I didn’t have the answers when those unpleasant confrontations between us would occur. Well, at least I didn’t feel empowered enough to express them effectively. He was my dad. Our roles were very clearly defined; DAD and…me. I’m pretty sure that many of you can relate. Now, I don’t claim at present to have remembered the definitive answer to that question yet, however I do have a bit more insight into it.

Okay so it can be argued that Venus, the planet of beauty in all forms, at her closest is about 26 million miles away from Earth. At her farthest, Venusian energy has to transverse 160 million miles, across and through the Sun’s dynamics no less, to reach us. Venus’s masculine opposite, and the subject of her almost constant intrigue, is about 35 million miles away from Earth at his closest, yet I can feel when his energies are amped up while he’s charging through the sign Aries, or dampened down a bit when he wanders through Pisces soon after. Sure, from our perspective these planets are spread out into the vastness of space…but perhaps from a more expansive vantage point, we can get a different outlook altogether.

Let‘s look at it this way: We’ve all been to parties where many gather who are of varying personality types, temperaments and energies. As we meander through the crowd, we stop here or there for a quick chat, hug or a joke, and then mosey on our way through. Others are doing the same, and we continue along, occasionally taking a morsel from a tray or sipping some wine as we mingle our energies with others nearby. Sometimes we linger a bit when we get a whiff of an interesting conversation, and sometimes we duck into another room fast…hoping that the person we’re trying to avoid didn’t catch us on their radar. Sometimes the party feels endless, and we start signaling to our mate to start making for the door, and other times we’re being shown the door much too soon.

One thing is certain in these situations; the overall feel of the experience. The energetic flow of a gathering is contingent on those who attend, and it’s often palpable when someone new enters the room and the general energy of the area shifts a bit. The flow of our Universe and its inhabitants can be likened to a vast gathering of energies, each body moving about at its own pace, and contributing whatever it feels inspired to offer as it passes other bodies. Take the movement of the planets, for instance. They are in a constant state of movement, and wander closer or farther away from each other as they orbit the Sun -- An astrological body, by the way, whose profound effect upon us cannot be argued. When planets come into relationship with each other, what astrologers call an aspect, they interact in specific ways and create a unique energy that permeates the Universe.

To illustrate this idea, let’s revisit Venus and Mars for a moment. (They are a fascinating pair, and make an excellent example for this particular topic.) Astrologically speaking, these planets are deeply fascinated with each other, interact dynamically, and yet each maintain their own personal sovereignty. When they are close to each other, in what astrologers call an aspect of conjuction, they are lovers engaged in a passionate interlude that inspires Venus to behave more aggressively than usual, and at the same time tends to soften Mars’s edgier nature a bit. We feel this profoundly as we are compelled to join together in steamy romantic exchanges, or when strongly attracted to each other.

However, when Venus and Mars spy each other from across the Solar System, an aspect of opposition occurs, and the energy changes dramatically. For instance, if these two happen to be getting along, the sexual tension in the place is felt by all, including us, as each planet’s energy reaches out to the other in a powerful expression of yearning. When they are not getting along, however, this energy can be confrontational as each tries to energetically “best” the other. It’s not pretty. And it’s highly contagious, as evidenced by us Earthly beings who find ourselves feeling irritated at, or overly competitive with, our significant others for reasons hard to explain. Often this combative side to the relationship between Venus and Mars can be triggered by the influence of another planet or other celestial body wandering haplessly (or not) into aspect with one or both of them.

So what about the question of distance? Well, when we consider this question in energetic terms, I think we all can agree that energy is powerful stuff. Those of us who engage in distant healing energy work can attest to the fact that the impact of energy is neither bound nor weakened by distance. Someone from across the globe can experience profound spontaneous healing when receiving energy sent by someone else with this intention. So why would this be any different with a planet? If everything has energy, and energy knows no bounds, then planetary energy is most decidedly influential upon us. And perhaps vice versa.

To expand a little bit on this idea, it’s also not the size of the source, but the intention that creates this power. Take Pluto for example. This planet has been recently “demoted” to a planetoid or some such nonsense by astronomers who decided to alter the rules a bit and tweak the criteria for what determines a planet. Whatever. I’m not buying it. As small as Pluto is, and as distant from us as it may seem, its energetic impact upon our lives is profound. (If interested in learning more about Pluto, you may wish to check the archives for a past article of mine on the “dwarf” planet that illustrates this idea in more detail.)

I invite you to pay attention to your environment here on Earth, and also beyond the scope of our atmosphere. Expand your awareness to reach farther out into the Universe and feel the flow of energy that courses around us and through us. We belong to the whole of the Universe, and our energies interact with every other body that inhabits it. Pay attention to the planetary movements and then watch the interactions of others and yourself as these energies shift. You’ll find that your experiences also shift, and tend to coincide with where the physical planets are in relation to your personal natal chart. It’s really a fascinating science!

Hey, maybe I have enough insight into my dad’s question to present it to him and invite him to consider it. Then again, maybe it’s best to just let it lie…


Monday, February 1, 2010

In Love's Embrace

Happy February, Everyone! This morning I was treated to my typically dark morning drive being unexpectedly graced by increasing daylight! I smiled all the way to the office. And upon entering my door this evening, I was welcomed home by daylight still streaming through my windows! This pleases me to no end, since for the past few months many of us, I included, haven’t seen much of the light of day during our workweeks.

You may think this odd to hear, but there are a variety of reasons why February is one of my favorite months of the year. It’s the month of Love, for instance, as we celebrate romance on Valentine’s Day with our beloveds. It’s also the month that I share my birthday with many of my quirky Aquarian brothers and sisters. Another lovely reason for celebrating this month is that February, with all its harsh, unpredictable weather patterns, ice and bitter cold, also brings us the very first harbinger of spring. It is the coming of the light after months of early dusk and late dawn. So perhaps during your morning commute this month, as you’re waiting for your car’s heater to finally kick in and thaw out your fingers and toes, you’ll remember to witness the sunrise and let your hearts take wing!

Since we’re on the subject of love, appreciation and happy occasions, I’d like to take this opportunity point out something that I’ve been pondering for awhile. It has to do with one of the most crucial forms of love that we all have access to, and yet don’t often practice with an open heart; I’m speaking of self-love. One of the key components of generating a love of self is to embrace self-acceptance as a daily practice. Of course, along this path of self-love and acceptance lies the gift of self-knowledge.

When applied in an astrological sense, we have at our disposal a wealth of knowledge that we can utilize to illuminate truth and understanding of ourselves and others, while keeping common misconceptions and fallacies at bay. For instance, I know a lovely Leo with Virgo rising who for many, many years has fully embraced her Virgo qualities, while dismissing any attempts to point out her Leo traits. She’s gone so far as to call herself a Virgo so often, that I finally felt compelled to question her about this. She explained to me that everything she’s ever read about Leos has been negative, and she’s become completely turned off by her own Sun sign, and refuses to acknowledge it as an integral element of her true nature! I found this disturbing, because by her non-acceptance of a very large part of her own makeup, she has been holding herself back from attaining her full potential, and from achieving authentic self-love and acceptance.

I’ve experienced this myself for a large part of my life as I struggled with sporting Cancer for a rising sign. Now, there’s nothing wrong with the sign of Cancer, but try wearing it as an outward projection when everything in your being sings Aquarius! You see, emotional, self-conscious Cancer requires security, stability, and being cared-for, while intellectual, self-expressive Aquarius is independent, self-driven, and unpredictable. Since our rising signs are indicative of our personalities; i.e. how others see us, and how we see the world, while our Sun signs signify our core essence, one can see how having these two signs vying for equal airtime can be a bit of a challenge for a girl like me!

For years I lamented the “burden” of having Cancer rising. I was uncomfortable with my sensitive, emotional nature, and grappled with my compulsion toward security versus my uncompromising need for freedom and autonomy. I felt like oil and water; an inharmonious living, breathing challenge. It’s taken some work, and I’ve finally learned how to effectively integrate these two seemingly opposing energies, along with all the other astrological dynamics that compose the Carole Unit, into a joyful, harmonious expression of self.

I’ve done this by understanding the characteristics of each sign, embracing them and finding a practical way to express them naturally and comfortably. I still have a ways to go, and there are, of course, times when the scales tip a little and balance needs to be regained, but I am enjoying a much happier, healthier experience as a result of my efforts.

I share this with you because I suspect there are many of us who have experienced this or similar challenges within their own astrological composition. Is there a part of your being-ness that you have closed your mind and your heart to as a result of some negative press, feedback from others, or personal feelings of discomfort? If so, rather than denying that part of you, why not dig it out, examine it and work toward gaining an understanding of why your Higher Self has chosen to throw it into the mixing bowl of what has become your experience in this lifetime?

For how can we practice self-love, achieving our fullest expression of self, while denying an essential part of ourselves?

It’s important to remember that self-acceptance does not mean complacency. There are those who exemplify a few negative behavioral traits of their astrological structure and shrug them off with an “Oh well, I’m a(n) ___, and I’m supposed to be this way.”

Au contraire, mon ami.

We are here to take what we brought with us into this lifetime (our natal charts indicate these characteristics) and rise above our origins, utilizing the gifts of each element and evolving beyond the challenges; ever striving toward our full potential.

Doesn’t this sound like fun?

I can say quite honestly that it’s been quite a romp…a continuous, ever-shifting adventure that I wouldn’t have missed for all the gadgets in the world!

In other words: Come on in, the water’s great!


Sunday, November 1, 2009

Conjunction Junction…

We’ve been experiencing an interesting, and very rare, celestial occurrence for the better part of this year involving Chiron, Jupiter and Neptune being in close conjunction with each other in the sign of Aquarius. While the year, and the conjunction is almost completed, I chose to highlight this occurrence now, because the impact of this energetic shift indicates far reaching effects for years to come.

Knowledge is power, and the more awake and aware we are, the better we can utilize the opportunities that manifest for us. Since this is such an important occurrence, I will touch briefly on its effects this month, and next month go deeper into our exploration of this occurrence, and how it affects us both collectively and personally.

A conjunction occurs when two or more planets move into close angular proximity to each other, which promotes cooperation between each planet, and allows a mixture of energies that create a unique alchemy that can transform us in profound ways. The breadth and scope of this transformation is entirely up to us and how we choose to utilize the energies provided.

In this case Jupiter, the planet of expansion, is in collaboration with Chiron, the Wounded Healer, and we are offered the opportunity for healing on a deep level. With Neptune offering his unique energies to the mix, we are better able to work on several dimensional levels. This energetic shift happening in Aquarius is profound indeed, and many Aquarian concepts, such as environmental sustainability, humanitarianism and collective cooperation are at the forefront of activity at this time.

For those who have an interest in the Mayan calendar, what began November of last year was a movement through the Sixth Day of the Mayan calendar, which has offered us a period of profound enlightenment and healing. We are finishing up our movements through this period throughout the month of November, and the conjunction between Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune are amping up the process quite a bit. This inspires us to become more conscious of our connection to Source, and in our abilities as powerful co-creators of our own experiences, as well as our personal impact upon each other. I’ll explore the potential effects this collaboration has upon our personal relationships in my December article.

Anyone whose birth chart is significantly aspected by this phenomenon will have the opportunity to transform his or her life into one that is more inspiring, spiritually based, and functional. Nearly everyone is being inspired by this occurrence, however, and we can all benefit from its effects. For instance, anyone born at this time, or anything began during this occurrence has the potential for greatness.

Depending on where this triple conjunction falls in your natal chart is where you will feel the insistent, somewhat unsettling impetus for change and intense healing. We are all given the opportunity to finally face the old wounds of our past, allowing the deep healing necessary to move forward toward freedom from our typical, subconsciously-inspired responses. To fully utilize these energies, thereby transforming your life into one that is more connected to your true Divine path, move toward opening your heart and remaining centered within it. Many of us have learned, through childhood traumas and/or life situations, to seek refuge in our minds. This has provided us with the illusion of safety from our emotional centers, but has actually kept us from experiencing fully our joyful natures, and our connection to the Universe.

And so, wherever you are feeling inspired to heal, to motivate and to create positive change for yourselves and others, I say go with it, allow the energies to flow, and I’ll see you next month with more on this fabulous opportunity!


Thursday, October 1, 2009

October in Motion!

Another Mercury retrograde has come and gone, and we are hopefully none the worse for the wear. I observed this latest Mercurial hiatus with great amusement (I chose the best feeling vibration accessible) as the world went a bit wacky around me. I don’t know about your experience, but this latest retrograde session seemed to be a particularly rambunctious one, leading many to believe that our planetary director of communications, thought processes and transportation had bailed on us for good! Well, we can all relax because as of September 29, Mercury’s back from holiday, and after taking a few days to unpack and re-acclimate himself, he’ll be back on the job setting things in order.

The big news this month has to do with both our cosmic “fathers”; the indulgent, expansive Jupiter, and Saturn, our disciplinarian planetary patriarch.

First of all Jupiter, who has been retrograde in Aquarius since June 15, will return to his forward movement in Aquarius on October 13. This is good news for many who have wondered why they felt a bit more restricted in the realm of enterprise and spirituality than usual. As with any planetary interaction, however, Jupiter taking a four-month hiatus gives us a unique opportunity to take a pause in our quest for fortune and expansion, turning inward to reevaluate our direction and to reassess our beliefs and values. It is in this period of reflection that we can fine-tune our methods, reorganize our plans, and reexamine our objectives.

Jupiter in Aquarius brings humanitarianism, unconventional solutions to long-standing problems and a bit of rebellion against the typical ways of doing things. If you’ve wondered what happened to the exciting momentum of change we were experiencing before June in our lives, our country, and our world, take heart; we’ll be returning to our collective forward movement this month with a bit more clarity, wisdom, structure and fortitude. To use politics for example, although it seems that we lost a bit of cohesion there for awhile; experienced by a great deal of uncertainty and in-fighting among our leadership, we actually really needed this pause in activity to hone and modify our methodologies, so that this great change we are initiating can be more effectively implemented, and have lasting beneficial results.

So if you’ve experienced a loss of confidence in the direction things have been moving on Barack Obama’s watch, hang in there. A stronger sense of hope is in the offing. Jupiter’s return to forward motion will bring about a renewed faith and enthusiasm in his leadership, and we’ll begin to see a more polished, perfected system being put into action.

Next we have Saturn, the much-maligned, yet highly beneficial patriarch that provides the structure we need to bring our ideas into form, is moving into Libra, the sign of partnership, on October 29. This is significant, since he hasn’t visited Libra for 29½ years. The energy modification that occurs when this takes place is a shift from a focus on self, which took place with Saturn spending the past 2½ years in Virgo, to a focus on relationships. With Saturn in Virgo, we have learned the art of self-nurturing, self-focus, and self-connection. This period of a spotlight on Self has been in preparation to now successfully welcome a partner into our lives.

When in solitude, our personal evolution is limited. It is through sharing, relating and making strong connections with others that we can grow as individuals, and Saturn will bring this wisdom to light in the next 2½ years. We will now come to realize that we can commit to a partner, while still maintaining our own sense of integrity within that partnership. Saturn will teach us, through our partnerships, where we need to make the necessary shifts, how we can make these shifts and where we have already grown in the realm of relationships and hadn’t really realized it on our own.

Saturn in Libra helps us to undertake the joy of building something substantial within our lives that involves true partnership, and the sharing of responsibility. As an Air sign, Libra puts a great deal of thought into action, and with Saturn here, we will learn how to willingly balance our needs with the needs of our partners in order to achieve harmony and stability within our relationships, and in our lives. Here is where we will learn to stand firm in our own sense of self, while sharing our lives with others. It is possible to maintain our individuality, to preserve our sense of personal power, while joining and sharing with another without compromising our values and ideas, and Saturn will teach us how.

We will also learn that oftentimes when we feel confined or lost within our relationships, that it is not actually the relationship or our partners that are confining us, but our own projections that are creating the conflict. It is very likely that what we sense as the demands of our partners are actually products of our own perceptions, and that our partners don’t really have those expectations of us. For example, it is not necessary to take on our lover’s experiences as our own in order to be a caring partner. It is enough to just be present as they experience whatever is challenging them and while they relearn their footing. We can cohabitate with others and not be joined at the hip to them. It is possible to go about our routines with another present, without it hampering our movements in the least. It is a matter of mutual respect and allowing that facilitates this flow. If both partners understand the need for, and agree to nurture and preserve each other’s independence within the scope of the relationship, then true growth and harmony is possible.

Saturn in Libra is bringing us the gift of true partnership; working together to build something beautiful and fulfilling, while maintaining our own autonomy and freedom. Personally, I am in great appreciation of this opportunity, and choose to welcome its energy in my life.