Saturday, September 1, 2007

What’s Your Motivation?

There are many reasons for wanting to know what motivates us. Perhaps we’re trying to find our career path in life, and may be continually frustrated by our efforts thus far. Or maybe we’re wondering why we interact with others the way we do, and why all of our romantic relationships seem to start out unique, but end up walking the same old path. We may want to learn more about our family dynamics, and how we, as individuals, contribute our own unique spin to the events that take place within them.

Since our primary objective for being alive is to evolve beyond ourselves by striving to reach our full potential, it’s important to discover the things about ourselves that keep us running on that hamster wheel, and to gain insight into what we can do to finally stop spinning, step off the wheel, and start moving forward on solid ground.

Astrology can serve a very beneficial role in our quest for greater understanding into our own personal motivations, and the motivations of others who are in close relationship with us.

Astrological chart analysis is a complicated process with many nuances to look for that can change the flavor and direction of any horoscope. While there are many motivating factors in an astrological chart, this article will highlight a few simple, but key elements in determining the overall motivation of a person’s birth chart. A qualified astrologer can provide you with insight into the specific patterns your personal chart indicates that propel you toward your experiences, any possible pitfalls in the dynamics of these patterns, and suggest possible strategies to re-pattern your tendencies in these directions.

When a client who is searching for direction in life presents his or herself to me, I begin by looking at key patterns in the planetary placement of their chart, including the locations of their major personal planets, and their chart ruler. I look for Mars as an important indicator of where they focus the most energy. If Mars is located in their Second House, for example, most of their energy is likely to be directed toward financial endeavors, and according to whatever sign Mars is in, the manner in which they direct this energy, and anything that they may place personal value upon. I then look for any relationships that Mars may have with the other planets in their chart in an effort to determine how Mars’s energy can find its most effective expression.

Since your Fourth House is the pivot point on which you build your life upon, and is likely where you feel most at home, I focus upon which sign is on the cusp, and any planets that may reside within. For instance, if Libra is on the Fourth House cusp, I know that this individual is seeking personal expression through partnership and cooperation, and is also striving to create balance within the realm of home, family, and anything he or she places as their foundation. If Pisces is on the cusp, I know that spiritual endeavors are a focus, intuition is highlighted, and that the individual feels most at home in activities related to charitable, artistic, and divinely inspired pursuits. Any challenges associated with Fourth House issues can be helped by other influences in the overall chart, and if not, I can serve my client further by suggesting possible strategies they can employ to help assuage any problems that may arise.

An example of this can be the person with Pisces in Fourth in the above example. While the individual is interesting, mystical and has a direct and easy connection with Universal energies and knowledge, he or she may lack the proper grounding in order to function effectively in the realm of mundane existence, especially if Mars resides here. Without other powerful grounding influences in the chart, such as a few well-placed planets in Earth signs, this person will appear to float through life, going with the tide and never quite anchoring themselves. This person likely experiences confusion and detachment when it comes to personal relationships, and is possibly feeling frustrated in her or his efforts to exist in the everyday world. He or she may choose to retreat, existing for the most part in the spiritual realm, because that is where they feel most secure. I may therefore counsel this person to utilize the strengths in their overall horoscope, and to find practical applications for their unique gifts. It’s likely that this individual has the ability to present wonderful ideas and information to humanity, and finding practical, down-to-earth expression for these ideals will serve to benefit us all.

Please note that the information within this article is by no means comprehensive, as there are many nuances in each individual chart that serve to compose the entire symphony of our lives. An astrologer can help by analyzing these influences, helping us to discover where our energies are most effectively expressed, and inspiring us to listen to the inherent melodies that exist within. With deeper understanding of our individual gifts and motivations, we can apply them most effectively in our lives, thereby best serving ourselves and humanity as a whole.