Saturday, March 1, 2008

A Dream of Pisces

Were you beginning to wonder if March would ever get here? I know that I'm very grateful that winter is almost ready to move along and spring approaches fast. With the last vestiges of winter upon us, we've also reached the realm of the final sign of the zodiac, the dreamily ethereal Pisces.

Pisces is the twelfth sign of the zodiac, and therefore naturally resides in the twelfth house of the unconscious mind and mystical inspiration. Its symbol is a pair of fish, one swimming upstream and one swimming downstream. It's often said that this represents the dichotomy of Pisces traits: they can either be extremely motivated and excel in the more earth-bound matters, or be somewhat ungrounded, preferring to float along through life with their thoughts and focus on more mystical matters. Either way, these individuals bring something distinctive and otherworldly into the mix. Pisces is considered a feminine sign, and the energies of most Pisceans who follow their Sun sign traits are gentle and compassionate by nature. Since the Piscean element is water and exhibits a mutable quality, these individuals tend to be intuitive, emotional and changeable.

Initially ruled by Jupiter, Pisces acquired the more appropriate affiliation with Neptune upon the planet's discovery in 1846. Since Neptune is the planet of idealism, compassion, creativity and spirituality, Pisces snuggles up quite comfortably with the eighth known planet in our solar system. Naturally playful by nature, Pisces is friendly, charming and rather enchanting. They have a mystical quality about them that is open-minded and genuine, and their eyes tend to be large and dreamy.

Being watery by nature, Pisces is emotional and naturally psychic. Because of the murkier qualities of Neptune, however, without proper grounding their perceptions may not be entirely reliable. It is important that they learn methods of discernment and practicality to avoid being challenged by their sign's less savory qualities of illusion, confusion and deception. Pisceans can often experience periods of extreme uncertainty and self-deception, and could benefit from a trusted friend or loved one to recognize when they're in crisis, and gently remind them of their need to check in and ground on occasion. The use of the stones Fluorite, Jade and Lapis Lazuli can be a soothing influence and also help bring clarity and focus on these occasions.

Because the influence of Neptune can inspire a more murky sensitivity, fear can play a large part in how Pisces perceives his surroundings. Extremely sensitive, many Pisces individuals may find the world to be a particularly harsh terrain to navigate, and some may choose to escape into alcoholic, chemical, or even spiritual indulgence as a way to buffer themselves from reality for a time when it all becomes overwhelming. As water signs, alcohol can be particularly seductive for them. As a healthier alternative, Pisceans can choose to empower themselves by engaging in more positive activities such as joining groups that promote healing and acceptance, using therapeutic methods like stone therapy or massage, and taking up daily practices such as yoga, meditation and gardening to bring energies on all levels back into alignment. One particular stone that could be of use when one is feeling fearful or worried is Lepidolite. Alexandrite is regenerative, and can also be useful in helping to restore balance, reinforce one's self-esteem, and assist one in experiencing joyful appreciation of the interconnectedness of all.

Pisces tends to see beyond the everyday, and into the mystical realms of understanding that can reside just beyond our grasp. Those who wish to enhance their innate psychic abilities can utilize the energies of Moonstone and Aquamarine in their daily meditations. Pisces creativity is remarkable, and those who harness the ability to articulate all the wonders of their unique perceptions in a way that the rest of us can understand will truly be a gift to themselves and others.

There is a quote that I've recently come across by Frederick Buechner and I'd like to share it with everyone, and particularly any Piscean who is called to read it here: "The place God calls you to is the place where your deep gladness and the world's deep hunger meet." While I find this to be deeply inspiring on a personal level, as I'm sure many will, I feel that it could be especially poignant for those with Pisces Sun, or in a prominent position in their chart.

With that said, I'd like to end with a special message to all Pisceans: You have a place in this world, my dear, though at times you may not feel it. There is a hunger that exists now in the world for your unique qualities of compassion and insight. When you find your footing, and learn to express your perceptions in a voice that others can hear, you can be a part of the vanguard of souls who lead us into a new way of being and becoming. I believe in you.