Sunday, August 1, 2010

Jupiter's Dance with Aries

Jupiter’s Dance with Aries by Carole A. Ward
All through the year 2010, Jupiter has been uncharacteristically active. While our largest planet’s usual MO is to transit each zodiac sign once every twelve months, visiting for awhile before changing signs approximately once per year; 2010 is an exception to the rule.

For instance, we began the year with Jupiter finishing up his transit through Aquarius before transitioning over to Pisces on January 19. Jupiter then made a mad dash through Pisces on his way to a meeting with Aries on June 6. I know what Pisces must be thinking: “Jeesh! That’s hardly time for a quick cup of tea!” Well, Pisces can rest assured that Jupiter will soon again be tipping his hat at the door, because he’s shifted into retrograde motion as of July 23, and is now heading back down Pisces’ way. He should be arriving at the doorstep on September 9, for yet another speedy visit that will end on January 22, 2010, when he departs on schedule for another hectic get-together with Aries.

Whew! That’s quite a bit of activity in one year for our esteemed planetary geezer! I don’t remember when I’ve last seen Jupiter’s dance card so full.

Jupiter in Aries is a time when we experience expansive spontaneity. Aries loves to initiate activities, beginning with a jazzy gusto that is infectious to all involved. Indulgent Jupiter is currently giving the nod to Aries, which means we will have more opportunities to kick off projects and ideas that have been either long burning a hole in our minds, or that have just popped into our heads from out of the blue.

What is important to bear in mind, however, is the restless, fiery nature of Aries. As the youngest child of the Zodiac and ruled by Mars, Aries wants to experience everything anew, always sure that the coolest party certainly MUST be happening on the next block over. After getting everyone all riled up about one plan of action, off he runs in pursuit of the next big happening; restlessly hopping from one fabulous activity to another with an eagerness that will make your head spin!

Anyone who has dealt with an Aries or two in their lives will attest to the tremendous cataclysm that results when someone tries to put the brakes on the movements of our cosmic hyper-child, who is busy pounding around the Universe in search of the next grand adventure. If you need an accurate illustration, picture an overly-indulged child that has just become acquainted with the meaning of the word “no.” Yeah…did anyone order a War God?

With this visual planted firmly in your mind, proceed in any worthwhile activities with more than the customary fail-safes in place. In other words, when it comes to that earth-shaking project that you’ve just gotten the green light to begin, make certain you’ve got some stable back-up players that will see it through to the end, should you be called away on another big adventure. The lenience of Jupiter coupled with Ariean impetuosity can also inspire us to jump the gun a bit before all the necessary elements are present and accounted for.

Just make sure that someone’s got your back before charging ahead. You’ll thank me later.

The biggest benefit of Jupiter in Aries is the immense sense of confidence we feel, especially in the areas of our charts that Aries resides and that Jupiter’s movements are activating. For example, I have Jupiter in Aries in my 9th house. This inspires great self-assurance within me regarding my pursuits of higher education, enabling me to attain lofty achievement whenever I hit the books, which is almost constant. I love learning. It’s my thing.

This placement in my chart also affords poise in expressing my philosophical musings, while tossing some practical realism and problem-solving capabilities into the mix. My optimistic and avant-garde spirit, complements of Jupiter in Aries in the 9th house, has taken me far and wide into a myriad of interesting and breathtaking experiences that have been a bit unnerving on more than one occasion for both me and my loved ones. It has been quite a fun romp, however, and I’m looking forward to more…especially with Jupiter’s current transit through Aries! Yowzah!

Wherever Aries resides in your own chart is also an area of your life that is getting a caffeinated jolt of confidence and decisive action as of this writing, as it will again at the beginning of next year. If you have Aries in the 1st House, for instance, your natural courageous and impetuous nature is kicked into high gear at this time, giving you the momentum to fully and unabashedly express yourself to those around you. It would be prudent of you, however, to consciously reign in that fiery personality a bit when your temper gets triggered during Jupiter’s transit, unless you don’t mind cleaning up some potentially messy results!

Jupiter visiting Aries in the 2nd House may inspire natives to do a bit more financial gambling than usual, which may be disastrous, as these economic times call for more conservative handling of our material resources. Best to veer away from risky speculations and those one-armed bandits for the time being, lest you lose your shirts!

Those with Aries in the 3rd house are experiencing a desire to engage in a considerable amount of short-distance travel and explorations into close and uncharted territory. A heightened interest in studying machinery and construction can be felt, along with some pretty hefty bursts of intellectual creativity! When you’re jaunting around in your car, however, do take care. You may be a bit more impulsive behind the wheel than usual.

4th House Aries individuals are likely experiencing dynamic happenings in their domestic environments as a result of Jupiter’s transit through this house. You may experience some arguments and upheaval, especially among the male members of the household, or perhaps you’ll just get this maddening urge to revamp the whole house! I advise you to get some assistance from others in this endeavor; I have a sneaky suspicion that you may bite off more than you can chew. On the other hand, you may experience a restless need to relocate altogether. Just try to give the idea some thought and careful planning before you pull up stakes and take the show on the road.

5th House Aries folks are experiencing a rather passionate period where love-making is delightfully spontaneous and highly satisfying…or should I say even more so? Those lucky souls who are romantic partners with these individuals are likely wandering around with dreamy smiles on their faces on an almost daily basis! Romance and arduous activities are heightened, and pleasure is at the forefront, along with the desire to create; be it children of the body, or of the mind.

Those with Aries in the 6th House are putting a great deal more energy into their already hard-working lives. These individuals are driving themselves more diligently than normal, and are likely expecting others to follow suit. It’s important to recognize this sudden surge forward as unique to your own experience, and to allow others to distribute their energies in whatever direction they are being pulled.

There is a drive to enter into partnership for those with Aries in the 7th House…a bit more than usual as Jupiter activates your nesting instincts. The typical passive/aggressive nature these natives express in their working or romantic partnerships will be triggered while Jupiter passes through. It’s important to take an authentic, honest approach with your partners, especially during this time, and try not to use manipulation or a domineering stance on them. It rarely bodes well in what is likely the most important relationship of your life.

Jupiter in Aries transiting your 8th House gives a dynamic thrust toward activities involved in jointly-held finances, sexual flights of fancy, and a powerful fascination for studying the occult. Watch that you don’t get so caught up in your indulgences of those fun and heated fantasies that real life takes an unhealthy dive on your list of priorities. Balance is key, my friend!

Jupiter’s trip through your Ariean-held 10th house is giving your career-driven nature a chance to shine in the spotlight as the volume on your competitive urge is dialed up to 11! (It goes to 11) Just remember not to fight too dirty as you clamor your way to the top, and exercise a healthy restraint when you smell blood in the water. Burning bridges at this juncture may cost you in the future, so I encourage you to bear this in mind...and then go for it!

11th House in Aries individuals are experiencing a greater need to take a leadership role in all their personal and professional associations and group activities. All their energy is being funneled into a drive to promote whatever cause they cherish, and many can benefit from their passion! When it comes to friendships, please remember that what you give off will be reflected back, and so to gain respect you must first respect others, and endeavor to resist the need to dominate at this time.

Jupiter’s jog through the 12th House gives the natives an intensified attraction to the underdog, the downtrodden or otherwise outcast individuals. Whether it be a sincere desire to help, a strong fascination toward, or a burning desire to understand what mystifies you, you feel compelled toward deep subconscious explorations at this time. Your own subconscious reactions may be intensified, and you may find that professional counseling can be most beneficial to help you to understand your own motivations.

Wherever Jupiter touches Aries in your chart this year, expect growth, opportunities and increase to be the name of the game. Jupiter is a benevolent, if not highly indulgent energy; allowing us freedom to explore to our heart’s content that which compels us forward. I invite you to make the most of the positive effects of this transit, and become ever mindful of maintaining balance throughout this experience. Above all else, make it fun!