Monday, September 1, 2008

A Look at Virgo

As a child, my youngest son was always such an inquisitive little guy, and the typical answers just weren’t good enough for him. For every question I answered, more would follow as if the original query were growing layers that sunk deeper and deeper into the subject matter. Exasperated at times, I would ask, “Honey, could you stop being a Virgo? Just for a moment?” It’s important for me to note here that he has always been a joy to be around, with his slightly reserved sense of humour and outwardly easygoing nature. Everyone he meets is charmed by his presence, and I feel so truly blessed that he has chosen me to be his mother.

Now that he’s grown into an extraordinarily wonderful man, that natural “hair-splitting” instinct has not abated in the slightest. Occasionally, when he’s mulling over a particularly perplexing dilemma in my presence, I just have to flash him a certain look, and he responds with a chuckle, “I know, I know…I’m being a Virgo.” It’s a good thing that Virgo lands where it does in my chart, enabling me to understand Virgos on the mental level, and the complexities that they create for themselves. (You can best believe that I’ve read, reread and rewritten this article several times before final submission.) I’ve always enjoyed a good, easy rapport with Virgos, and as a result, many of them show up and stick around in my life.

The Sun makes its transit through the sign of Virgo every year from around August 23rd to September 22. Its symbol is that of a woman, denoting the archaic idea of a rather feminine, introverted energy. Virgos can be quite reserved, are often not terribly comfortable with emotions, and therefore tend toward a more non-demonstrative, less affectionate nature. Ruled by the planet Mercury, these people can tend to live very much in their heads, where pragmatism and the need for stable routine is the name of the game. As an Earth sign, Virgo has a fondness for material gain, with highly discriminating taste, and many are known as clothes-horses. They are often impeccably dressed, and can look fabulous no matter what they wear. Most Virgos can wear a burlap sack and somehow make it look like the height of fashion. As a mutable sign, Virgo has a gift for blending well in just about any setting, and may sometimes even alter themselves temporarily in an effort to be approved of by others, which is not exactly the healthiest approach for gaining acceptance.

Keeping it simple can be a challenge for our Virgo friends. The key phrase for Virgo is “I Analyze.” Every thought, conversation, and emotion breeds like bunnies when placed under the Virgoean mental microscope. Under such intense scrutiny, the issue can become transformed into something so far removed from its original essence or intention that Virgos can wind up creating more problems for themselves and those close to them, instead of solving the actual issues at hand.

Virgos are known as the bachelors of the zodiac, and often marry quite late in life, if they marry at all. This is likely due to their highly critical nature, in which no one quite measures up to their lofty standards…least of all themselves. I know a particularly unhappy Virgo who feels so deeply inadequate about herself, that she endlessly criticizes those around her, especially her stepson. He has grown up under her constant scrutiny and, as a result, struggles with uncertainty and feelings of his own inadequacy. It doesn’t help that he is also a Virgo, and so the chain of perfectionist-laden pain goes on and on. The more evolved Virgo will recognize this tendency toward unreasonable demands of themselves and others, and, if inspired, will strive to become more tolerant. This brings me to my fondest wish for both of them…that they learn to lighten up, already!

Most Virgos’ political and social views tend toward the conservative, and they also dress accordingly. They are often refined, polite and well-mannered. It’s important to them that their environment is organized and clean, and they require all of their relationships to be meticulously conducted, intellectually stimulating and even-keeled. Since Virgo is relatively uncomfortable with sentimentality, many dislike emotional scenes, and rarely engage in public displays of affection. While they exhibit a rather cool, calm exterior, many Virgos are inwardly churning with unspent nervous energy. This is often a result of pent-up feelings of insecurity or a lack of self-confidence. No one is tougher on a Virgo than they are on themselves. It’s important that Virgos learn to let themselves off the hook a bit, and just loosen up once in awhile. Finding activities that allow them to work off some of their built-up frustrations in a manner consistent with their personalities would be a healthy way to find relief from their own self-imposed daily grind. Carrying Amazonite will lend a calming, soothing energy that can also help to boost self-confidence.

Virgo’s perfectionist tendencies can make them so afraid of making a mistake, that their fear can have a paralyzing effect upon them. I know a man who has Virgo placed prominently in his chart. He’s a likeable enough guy, but is often late for just about everything, and really hasn’t moved forward much in life because he spends an inordinate amount of time sweating over every little detail, instead of actually taking action to achieve his goals. This becomes a vicious cycle, because he then feels inferior, berating himself for not being where he wants to be in life, and yet he’s seemingly unable to make the changes necessary to get where he wants to go. It can be quite exhausting watching him torture himself, and yet whoa be it for anyone to try to help him sort it all out. He simply has to do it himself…and can get rather cranky when anyone tries to suggest a fresh approach. I’m speaking from experience here.

Virgos have a tendency to be the best, most methodical workers of the zodiac. They take their responsibilities very seriously, and because they dislike a break in routine, are known to stay in the same job until retirement. If they are in a position of authority, a challenge for Virgo is to learn the fine art of delegation. It can be daunting for them to trust anyone else with the tasks at hand, and if they can learn to let go of the need for complete control, Virgos can save themselves from experiencing nervous exhaustion or a myriad of other stress-related maladies. The best occupations for Virgos are those that require some pretty hefty analytical abilities. You’re likely to find many Virgos in the fields of medicine, education, science, psychology, accounting, and inspection.

Virgos have a great many gifts that they can bring to the table in just about any situation. Learning the spiritual values of self-love and acceptance can free them to find the fullest expression of their many talents. It will benefit them greatly when they learn to relax and let their hair fly wild and free in the wind. It is possible for them to begin allowing themselves to appreciate the benefits of taking a break from it all once in awhile…or even more often. Believe me, I know Virgos who have courageously stepped outside their self-imposed boundaries and learned to really breathe, and hey guess what…the world hasn’t stopped spinning on its axis. Fancy that!