Tuesday, July 1, 2008

July’s Fourth

Tangible and intangible shifts are afoot since the Sun completed its energetic trek through Gemini on June 21st, and arrived to join Venus at Cancer's annual tea party. We all can expect heightened emotions and intuitive flashes during this celestial visit, which will take on a more communicative flavour when Mercury comes to call on the 11th. The Sun will languish in the hospitality of feminine Cancerian comfort until moving to arrive on Leo's doorstep the 23rd of this month.

Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac, and therefore rules the fourth house of hearth & home, property, and the environmental conditions we create for ourselves. Ruled by the Moon, Cancer's natural response is highly emotional, which can often take on an intuitive flair. Extraordinarily sensitive, it is no accident that the key phrase for Cancer is "I feel". As a feminine sign, Cancer's urge is toward nurturing others and establishing a secure home for themselves and their families.

Cancer is the mothering sign, and many take to this task like ducks in water, happily nurturing and protecting their children and pets with zeal. It's very important that Cancer parents learn the value of loving without smothering, and to cultivate the ability to recognize when they are being overbearing with their children, making strong attempts reel themselves in a bit on such occasions. Trust me on this one. Kids respond better when encouraged to enjoy the freedom of unique self-expression, coupled with the security of knowing that their parents will be available to them when and if it's needed the most.

It is entirely fitting that Cancer is symbolically linked to the crab for a variety of reasons. If you ever have the occasion to watch the way a Cancer native moves in and out of various situations, you may note that he or she does so in a rather side-stepping, indirect kind of way…just like a crab! The hard shell of the crab is symbolic of the fearful, self protective nature of Cancers; they often don the armor of cold indifference to disguise their extreme sensitivity and shyness, as well as their physical and emotional vulnerability. Whenever they are hurt, or faced with the possibility of being hurt, Cancer will withdraw and seclude themselves in order to maintain their carefully established sense of security.

Cancers tend to cultivate homes that serve as very secure nests, with darkened, comfortable, almost den-like surroundings. A Cancer native friend of mine prefers to keep her windows tightly closed, blinds drawn, and the doors securely locked no matter what time of day it is. Her house resembles an impenetrable fortress that feels stifling at times. Whenever I've tried encouraging her to open the windows and let the place air out…or even lift the blinds and let the sun shine in, she always responds dismissively by saying she doesn't want other people looking in and invading her privacy. Okay…

While I love her dearly, as an air sign I cannot fathom why anyone would want to live in an air-tight environment, but hey…we all have our idiosyncrasies, right?

Money is seen by Cancer as a powerful form of security and they will rarely gamble with it, preferring instead to stash it away for a rainy day. The only exception to this is if their future security requires taking a risk of some kind. In this eventuality, Cancer will likely use someone else's money instead of their own. Rest assured to potential lenders that if this is the case, they will watch over that investment due to their deep sense of responsibility toward others, and will likely find a way to pay back their debt.

Generating emotional stability for individuals experiencing Sun in Cancer is paramount to their long-term physical and mental health. As happens quite often with sensitive individuals, their emotions can run a bit amok when faced with fear-inspiring challenges or discomfort. With this in mind, I am recommending Moonstone to be the ideal accoutrement for Cancer natives and those with prominent Cancer influence in their charts to wear or carry around with them on a regular basis. Moonstone will offer the benefit of calming aggressiveness and emotional overreactions, while encouraging these individuals to express their more positive Cancerian traits. It will also inspire the individual to further develop their innate intuitive faculties.

There is a strong dichotomy with Cancers that is worthy of mention: While at times they appear as sturdy and capable as a giant, at others they can seem as weak and helpless as a newborn baby. This natural complexity can be a bit confusing for the average onlooker, and it's often difficult for anyone close to them to know which experience will be encountered at any given moment, and how to act accordingly. While they may have the best of intentions, because of the changeable influence of their ruler the Moon, Cancer natives can shift between sweet and charming one minute, and depressed, distant and melancholy in the next. While they can be very diplomatic and driven to achieve their objectives, when Cancers are wounded, that carefully cultivated grace falls woefully by the wayside. Utilizing the healing energies of Moss Agate can prove to be of great benefit to Cancers at these times. This stone will assist in balancing the emotions, encourage improved self-esteem, and help them learn to let go of anger and bitterness.

Cancer natives work to avoid any mental or physical discomfort at all costs, and usually enjoy neat and tidy work and living environments. With their powerful imaginations, it is very important for Cancers to understand the Law of Attraction, keeping their thoughts positive and free from obsessing about illness and failures. Since in their efforts to win affection Cancers tend to be overly solicitous to others, they need to learn the value of saying yes and no when appropriate. It is also important that they learn to control their tendency toward moodiness, intolerance, timidity and excessive emotions. Carrying or wearing Pearl will assist them by encouraging a strong sense of self-worth. Snowflake Obsidian is another stone of benefit to Cancers, as it helps to prevent depression, inspiring one to value perceived failures as well as successes as opportunities for personal and spiritual growth. It also assists in forming a balance between body, mind and spirit.

Enjoy your July everyone, and remember to celebrate yourselves and each other.