Thursday, October 1, 2009

October in Motion!

Another Mercury retrograde has come and gone, and we are hopefully none the worse for the wear. I observed this latest Mercurial hiatus with great amusement (I chose the best feeling vibration accessible) as the world went a bit wacky around me. I don’t know about your experience, but this latest retrograde session seemed to be a particularly rambunctious one, leading many to believe that our planetary director of communications, thought processes and transportation had bailed on us for good! Well, we can all relax because as of September 29, Mercury’s back from holiday, and after taking a few days to unpack and re-acclimate himself, he’ll be back on the job setting things in order.

The big news this month has to do with both our cosmic “fathers”; the indulgent, expansive Jupiter, and Saturn, our disciplinarian planetary patriarch.

First of all Jupiter, who has been retrograde in Aquarius since June 15, will return to his forward movement in Aquarius on October 13. This is good news for many who have wondered why they felt a bit more restricted in the realm of enterprise and spirituality than usual. As with any planetary interaction, however, Jupiter taking a four-month hiatus gives us a unique opportunity to take a pause in our quest for fortune and expansion, turning inward to reevaluate our direction and to reassess our beliefs and values. It is in this period of reflection that we can fine-tune our methods, reorganize our plans, and reexamine our objectives.

Jupiter in Aquarius brings humanitarianism, unconventional solutions to long-standing problems and a bit of rebellion against the typical ways of doing things. If you’ve wondered what happened to the exciting momentum of change we were experiencing before June in our lives, our country, and our world, take heart; we’ll be returning to our collective forward movement this month with a bit more clarity, wisdom, structure and fortitude. To use politics for example, although it seems that we lost a bit of cohesion there for awhile; experienced by a great deal of uncertainty and in-fighting among our leadership, we actually really needed this pause in activity to hone and modify our methodologies, so that this great change we are initiating can be more effectively implemented, and have lasting beneficial results.

So if you’ve experienced a loss of confidence in the direction things have been moving on Barack Obama’s watch, hang in there. A stronger sense of hope is in the offing. Jupiter’s return to forward motion will bring about a renewed faith and enthusiasm in his leadership, and we’ll begin to see a more polished, perfected system being put into action.

Next we have Saturn, the much-maligned, yet highly beneficial patriarch that provides the structure we need to bring our ideas into form, is moving into Libra, the sign of partnership, on October 29. This is significant, since he hasn’t visited Libra for 29½ years. The energy modification that occurs when this takes place is a shift from a focus on self, which took place with Saturn spending the past 2½ years in Virgo, to a focus on relationships. With Saturn in Virgo, we have learned the art of self-nurturing, self-focus, and self-connection. This period of a spotlight on Self has been in preparation to now successfully welcome a partner into our lives.

When in solitude, our personal evolution is limited. It is through sharing, relating and making strong connections with others that we can grow as individuals, and Saturn will bring this wisdom to light in the next 2½ years. We will now come to realize that we can commit to a partner, while still maintaining our own sense of integrity within that partnership. Saturn will teach us, through our partnerships, where we need to make the necessary shifts, how we can make these shifts and where we have already grown in the realm of relationships and hadn’t really realized it on our own.

Saturn in Libra helps us to undertake the joy of building something substantial within our lives that involves true partnership, and the sharing of responsibility. As an Air sign, Libra puts a great deal of thought into action, and with Saturn here, we will learn how to willingly balance our needs with the needs of our partners in order to achieve harmony and stability within our relationships, and in our lives. Here is where we will learn to stand firm in our own sense of self, while sharing our lives with others. It is possible to maintain our individuality, to preserve our sense of personal power, while joining and sharing with another without compromising our values and ideas, and Saturn will teach us how.

We will also learn that oftentimes when we feel confined or lost within our relationships, that it is not actually the relationship or our partners that are confining us, but our own projections that are creating the conflict. It is very likely that what we sense as the demands of our partners are actually products of our own perceptions, and that our partners don’t really have those expectations of us. For example, it is not necessary to take on our lover’s experiences as our own in order to be a caring partner. It is enough to just be present as they experience whatever is challenging them and while they relearn their footing. We can cohabitate with others and not be joined at the hip to them. It is possible to go about our routines with another present, without it hampering our movements in the least. It is a matter of mutual respect and allowing that facilitates this flow. If both partners understand the need for, and agree to nurture and preserve each other’s independence within the scope of the relationship, then true growth and harmony is possible.

Saturn in Libra is bringing us the gift of true partnership; working together to build something beautiful and fulfilling, while maintaining our own autonomy and freedom. Personally, I am in great appreciation of this opportunity, and choose to welcome its energy in my life.