Saturday, September 4, 2010

Transformation through the Chiron Experience

Chiron’s current transit through Aquarius is bonking all five of my major planets in Aquarius on the head, inspiring me to shift gears and examine this celestial tourist to our solar system a bit more closely. Feel like coming along for the ride?

Chiron is a large comet that makes an erratic orbit between Saturn and Uranus. It is thought among some groups that Chiron is a temporary visitor from outside our solar system who will do his work and eventually leave. (His departure will very likely be inspired by getting a solid boot to the behind by Saturn’s forceful energies.) Chiron’s influences are both specific, and broad-based. He is thought to be the connection between the inner, personal planets and the outer planets, which represent the collective and transpersonal self. Chiron is also considered to be the rainbow bridge that is leading us out of the Age of Pisces and into the Age of Aquarius.

While still in its infancy, Chiron is a fascinating personal subject of study for me, partly due to the profound appearance of his gifts in my life and in the lives of those I love, and also because of the arts and sciences in which Chiron plays an integral role. For example, Chiron rules the study and application of the science of astrology. His expertise also lies in the therapeutic use of crystals, and in all types of holistic healing modalities, especially those that involve the use of one’s hands; i.e. massage, Reiki, polarity therapy, applied kinesiology, etc.

The Healing Wound

Chiron brings to the surface the wounded healer that exists in all of us. Wherever Chiron is located in your natal birth chart, including house placement, sign and aspect relations, indicates the nature of your own inner woundedness. It further indicates how your frustrated efforts at finding relief from your suffering serve to manifest positively in the ways in which you can utilize wisdom from your experiences to bring freedom from suffering to others. The key to initiating your own healing is to face the fear or event that caused the trauma, and then to move toward transforming it into something empowering. The opportunities for this are endless. This unhealed wound acts as a magnet, you see, attracting experiences to you that offer opportunities to move closer to your own wholeness by assisting others in reaching theirs. It is by reaching out to others in service that you then can loosen the grip you have on our own suffering just a tiny bit more.

The key is not to resist or resent the nature and effects of this wound, nor to deny its existence, but to allow it to inspire you to use its gifts to be of benefit to others. It is by understanding the injury’s purpose that you can then transform its impact on your life from a deep suffering to feelings of elation in the knowledge that you have something powerful to offer this world.

The phrase “necessity is the mother of invention” comes to mind; for if you hadn’t experienced the initial trauma, you may never have been inspired to be of service to others, and subsequently yourself, by teaching what you have learned from your efforts to find relief.

Therein lies your own reclamation.

In essence, Chiron’s gift is in inspiring us to express our higher purpose; the desire to reach out to others in an effort to heal and to teach.

The Bridge of Resolution

Chiron promotes reconciliation in both our inner experiences and our outer experiences by serving as a bridge between opposites. For example, through Chiron, internal reconciliation can occur between our lower natures and higher selves, our heads with our hearts, our past with our present, and ourselves with God. Externally, Chiron promotes understanding and compromise between opposing Sun signs, men and women, between the races, and between the nations of this world.

The methods that Chiron uses to promote healing between opposites can vary in nature. Forgiveness is a major key to reconciliation, since so many of our deeper wounds require the ability to forgive in order to heal. Releasing anger and hurt allows room for Love and acceptance to grow and then thrive in our personal and global relationships. Love is the key to all healing, and through love we can then move from a place of pain and fear to a place of joy and freedom.

Transit Opportunities

Chiron’s transiting movements through our charts inspire us to face the elements of our suffering by activating areas of our lives that relate to our wound’s origin. This necessitates the need to examine our past, to courageously face our demons, and to release their influence over our lives and reactive behaviors once and for all.

For example, let’s look at the case of a woman experiencing a lifetime of failed, very painful relationships with men. She can often be heard lamenting that all the men she dates look very different at the beginning, but end up looking the same in the end. Chiron then moves to a position in her chart, activating a situation that inspires the woman to face deep-seated issues she has experienced as a result of her father’s toxic influence on her childhood. The resulting revelation can have a profound effect on the woman; inspiring understanding within that she unconsciously recreates the events of her childhood with the men she chooses in her life, thereby reopening that deep inner wound. This in turn inspires the desire within her to heal these issues with her father so that she can move forward into wholeness.

As a result of her efforts to heal, this woman begins to help others with similar situations by sharing her acquired wisdom, inspiring them to examine their own motives in selecting their mates. By doing this work with others, the woman begins to make better choices for herself in her selection of men. In facilitating the healing in others, the woman begins to heal herself, and finds her own reclamation.

We all have areas in our lives that reflect our inner suffering. Many of us have found healing by identifying the nature of our suffering, and then by doing the work described above. Everyone can create their own healing journey by learning about and utilizing the gifts that Chiron’s visit to our solar system is offering. Current events are making way for a new Universal understanding that will require us to heal our inner wounds before we can fully experience the expanding collective consciousness that is taking place. As always, we have a choice to do the work involved or to stay behind by keeping our status quo. Whatever your choice may be, remain content in the knowledge that you are loved unconditionally, no matter what.

For more information, and to find out how you can identify and heal your own inner woundedness, contact an experienced astrologer who can assist you on your journey. We are here to be of service to you.