Tuesday, May 1, 2007

The Gifts of Pluto

Following a recent experience involving persistent health issues, I feel moved to base this month’s article on the distant, yet powerful “planetoid” called Pluto. The particular health challenge I have experienced has been both painful and distressing, stubbornly refusing to respond to both naturopathic and medical intervention. Quite perplexing indeed…and very Plutonian in nature. It was only when, assisted by tireless support from my boyfriend and the prayers and warm energies of the lovely people in my life, that I found the stillness within, began to discern the basis of this particular experience, and found the strength to ask Source, Higher Self, the Universe, etc., what it was that I needed to do.

You see, Pluto is currently in Sagittarius, and transiting my Sixth House of health and work; not necessarily what I do for a living, but how I do it. Allow me to take a moment here to share a bit of insight into this powerful, awe-inspiring force we call Pluto. It might help to think of Pluto as this little Feng Shui man who comes into your house and begins to rearrange, purge, and otherwise upset the setting you’ve cultivated, settled on, and to which you’ve grown accustomed. You can protest all you want, but this little guy’s going to complete his mission no matter what, and you eventually find that the less you resist, the easier it is for you in the long run. That, my friends, is the essence of Pluto.

It helps to know that this is not a quick rearrangement by any means. Pluto’s slow movement through our charts is deliberate and thorough. He’s just a guy with a job to do, and it helps if we can think of him as a gift, rather than a baneful force that goes around disrupting everything. Pluto’s main mission is to destroy the stale old, outmoded behaviours and situations that have become our comfort zones, or worse, our emotional and spiritual tombs, and transform them into fresh, vibrant, fully functional mechanisms that enable us to cruise along at full efficiency.

The best thing for us to do is just stand aside, pay attention, and let him do his job. In other words, go with the flow. How many of us find this far more challenging that it seems? We often seem to cling to what we know and have grown used to as if our lives depend on them, even if what we’re clutching brings us untold pain and suffering. We often refuse to even consider the changes that could bring us so much joy and satisfaction. When Pluto makes his way into the situation, we are given an opportunity to go deep within, purging ourselves of what has become cluttered and unwieldy, and continue on renewed, refreshed, and considerably wiser.

When Pluto first briefly peeked into Sagittarius in January of 1995, we likely began to feel pangs of unease in the spiritual, philosophical, and religious sectors of life. By the time our little Feng Shui guy finally set up shop by November of that year, the world was gearing up to have these old and moldy sectors of life turned on their ear, exposed for what they truly were, and revamped completely. New spiritual leaders have been, and continue to arrive to facilitate this transformation, and the restoration will continue until about November of 2008, so we are currently in the final push.

If we utilize this magnificent opportunity to grow that Pluto is indicating, we should come out of this with a renewed, unified spiritual understanding, and a strong communion with the Source of all that is. This new perception will serve to merge all the highest expressions of the great religions of the past, with a more comprehensive, scientific understanding of the underlying forces of life. Anyone who cannot conceive of the blending of science and religion is likely in shock because as I write this, we are collectively flowing into that profound clarity, and many changes are definitely afoot. I can just hear the Scorpios out there saying in unison, “Well, duh!” (Pluto is their planet, and they’ve known about this all along.)

Now, depending on where Sagittarius is in your chart is where you’ve been experiencing these changes, as Pluto makes his transit through that sector. I’ll give a brief outline here:

If Pluto is transiting your First House, you are likely feeling these adjustments in the areas of your past conditioning, and outward reflection. The First House is the house of Self, and you are learning what makes you tick. Perhaps long-buried traumas are resurfacing to be examined, acknowledged and finally released, which will have a profound effect on how you relate to others, and how you are looked upon by the world.

If your Second House is going through restoration, the way you have dealt with personal finance and what you value are being scrutinized and restructured. This can be particularly uncomfortable for many of you, but I assure you that the end result will be much more workable if you cooperate with this metamorphosis.

If Pluto has set up shop in your Third House, your relationships with siblings, neighbors, and everyday contacts are being overhauled, as well as the ways in which you process knowledge and communicate. Situations that you have long been struggling with, and have considered to be permanent, are now reaching a crisis point, and will need to be dealt with once and for all.

Fourth House Pluto transits indicate major upheavals in the most upsetting ways. The Fourth House is your foundation. It’s what you’ve built your lives on, and it’s in the process of being shaken to the core. Old, outmoded structures are being repatterned, family issues are being brought to a head, and you will be inspired to make great changes. You may be amazed at the profound results when the dust finally settles.

Pluto transiting your Fifth House indicates a restructuring in how you perceive romantic love, and how you function in your love relationships. If you’ve been experiencing one dud after another, know that you have attracted them into your life so that you can become wiser and better at future relationships. Pluto is also revamping your creative expression, and the way you deal with your children. You are likely experiencing major insights into these situations.

Pluto moving through the Sixth, as I mentioned earlier, deals with your health and the way you work. You may have experienced profound and unsettling changes in your career, but know that these changes are for your better good, and look to the opportunities being presented to you. Utilize them. Trust me. In health matters, old situations that you’ve neglected or have been unaware of are demanding your attention right now. You are likely being forced to change your lifestyle, diet, or the way in which you seek health care.

Pluto transiting the Seventh House can be particularly upsetting, since it deals with marriages and partnerships. Some marriages may not survive this transit, and those who have experienced, or are experiencing divorce at this time will do well to have faith that this change will prove beneficial in the long run. Only the strongest, most solid marriages survive a Pluto transit, and the transformation experienced within the relationship as a result of this transit are infinitely more beneficial than how the partnership was before Pluto worked his magic.

Those with Pluto transiting the Eighth House are likely experiencing some profound changes in their deepest selves, as this is where Pluto naturally resides. Perhaps life has taken on a deeper meaning, and you’ve been awakened to realms of existence that you never knew were possible. Your joint assets with others may also be going through some changes, and you may feel that taking out a loan should wait awhile. I would say to go with that instinct.

Pluto making his way through the Ninth is getting to the heart of your religion, spirituality, and philosophical outlook. You have likely felt the profound changes that the rest of us have been experiencing collectively on a more personal level, and the insights that you are gaining are substantial.

Those with Pluto currently in the Tenth have likely been experiencing upheaval in their careers and public standing. You may be feeling a push to strive for achievement more than ever before. If there’s been anything you’ve been hiding in these arenas, they have been, or will be exposed. Now is the time to practice utmost integrity in all your public and professional dealings.

Pluto transiting the Eleventh people have experienced deep changes in their friendships and group affiliations. Perhaps old issues have resurfaced with long-time friendships and need to be finally resolved and laid to rest. Possibly the change is within you personally, and your perspective on your friendships is shifting and gaining more clarity. Or perhaps a group that you have long been involved with is changing in some way, and will force you to change with it, or decide to seek other, more workable affiliations. It is also likely that you will meet a new friend who will have a great impact upon your life.

And last but not even remotely least…

Pluto working in the Twelfth House. If you are a person experiencing Pluto in the Twelfth, this is perhaps one of the most challenging, yet the most healing periods in your life. You have been urged to examine yourself from a psychological, subconscious standpoint, and the deeply rooted aspects of yourself that have long lay hidden have come to the surface in order for you to confront them and find the acceptance and healing that you have needed for so long now. These are the parts of you that you have been taught to believe are “bad” or have met with disapproval from those who were most influential to you. These long hidden aspects of yourself have caused behaviours that were subconscious in nature and have reflected the wounded child from within. It is now time to reclaim and champion that wounded inner child, so that your true expression can emerge and benefit us all. This is deep, rewarding work, and it is a good time to seek out those teachers and therapists with experience in these realms who can facilitate the profound healing that is taking place within you.

In conclusion, it is important to remember the Divine gift that Pluto brings, which is our complete transformation. We have choices, as always. We can choose to act the victim and whine, stomp our feet, and resist what is taking place…which would rob us of the vast benefits Pluto is indicating for us, and only perpetuate our suffering. Better yet, we can accept and allow the changes taking place, become self-empowered, and work in partnership with Pluto to facilitate our awakening into a much better way of being.