Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Spring Forth with Aries

It seems very appropriate that as we begin a new cycle of life, and enjoy the new hope of spring, our focus turns to the first sign in the zodiac, Aries; the sign of new beginnings.

The Sun makes its trek through Aries between March 21st and April 20th, inspiring a mood of adventure and enthusiasm. Aries is a masculine extroverted sign, its element is fire, and its symbol is the Ram. As a cardinal sign and ruled by Mars, Aries is the vanguard, the initiator, and way too "take charge" to be a follower. As courageous leaders, if you have an endeavour that requires fearless action right out of the gate, a self-motivated Aries at the head would be a good call. Be sure to include stable and persevering Taurus to perform the follow-through activities, however. This wisdom is inspired by Aries' restless enthusiasm which, like most fire signs, peters out pretty quickly leaving many projects undone. Taurus, on the other hand, may be plodding initially, but gains momentum and stamina as a project continues. Aries is perfect for lighting the proverbial fire under Taurus to inspire them into action, happily jaunting away in search of the next big adventure, while Taurus steadfastly sees things through to completion. I'm convinced it's no accident that Taurus follows Aries in the procession of signs through the zodiac, since they both complement each other so well!

Of course, for a well-rounded team you'll need other signs in the mix, each bringing their own brand of expertise to the project. Rest-assured I'll present my ideas for that in a future article.
For now, let's refocus on our delightfully impetuous Aries friend with a word of caution: It stands to reason that all that fiery Martian energy is likely to generate a few pretty heated moments in the life of an Aries, and subsequently those who share space with him (or her). This is often the Achilles Heel for our neighboring Rams: their scorching temper. While most firestorms are quick to set and very short-lived, the Aries brand of displeasure can be rattling at best, caustic and devastating at worst - especially to more sensitive folks. I once associated with an Aries, and can honestly say that as fun as he could be at times, when he blew I was certain a mushroom-shaped explosion could be witnessed for miles around! This volatility can obviously have several detrimental effects on Aries and those around them. Number one on the list is personal and professional relationships, which can suffer greatly from these extreme fluctuations in emotional temperament. This same Aries I mentioned has plowed right through several potentially promising relationships, both work and romantic, and always afterward sits there scratching his head wondering where the heck everybody went!

Another possible negative result of the explosive nature of Aries is in the realm of health. While Aries is naturally robust, a semi-constant barrage of passionate rage can make even the sturdiest of physical constitutions a bit on the wobbly side. Aries rules the head and brain. Consequently evidence of excess can manifest in such physical experiences as headaches, migraines, neuralgia and depression. Other physical challenges could include indigestion and nervous disorders, while accidents and physical injuries are also a strong possibility, due to Aries rashness and impetuosity.

With that said, Aries would benefit greatly by availing him or herself of constructive methods to cope with their fervent nature, such as getting involved in Martian-inspired physical activities like contact sports and martial arts. In this way, they will find an outlet for their powerful energy, enabling them to expend it in much more positive ways. While Aries is usually drawn to items that feed their insatiable passions, a truly savvy Ram will recognize the need to surround him/herself on occasion with more calming influences that will help them to create balance. Some suggestions on how this can be achieved is by using the colour blue for decor and apparel, getting out into nature and relaxing by a quiet lake, and carrying stones that have a calming energy, such as blue lace agate and rose quartz.

A little advice here for the parents of Aries children: make sure that physical activity is a part of their everyday experience. Get them out into the fresh air and sunshine, let them run until they drop, allowing them the joy of energetic self expression and they will thrive beautifully! A happy Aries is an active one who is allowed to explore, with a modicum of safety, all the wonders this world has to offer. Let them know consistently that they are loved and accepted precisely for who they are, that they have a wonderful purpose in this world, and they will then be inspired to love others with the same level of respect and appreciation.

Aries energy is that of a child; eyes wide open and full of wonderment. They want to fully experience everything, everyone, and everyplace. Restlessness in all areas of life is a common byproduct for all this innate gusto, which can come with its own brand of challenges. Learning sustained focus and commitment is one of the major opportunities in the Aries experience, and they would do well to be mindful of the benefits of staying on task. It is possible to have a well-rounded experience and get things accomplished at the same time. It's all in the attitude. The clever Aries will find adventure in seeing things through to completion, experiencing every phase of development along the way, and gifting their associates with oodles of dynamic enthusiasm. That sparkling Aries energy can make even the most routine project a bit more exciting.
Wherever Aries and its ruler Mars reside in your chart is where you expend the most energy. Therefore, everyone can benefit from finding out where Aries resides in their own chart. By understanding the area of life influenced, one can then choose the more constructive forms of Martian expression. For example, Aries in the Sixth House may indicate a tendency to switch jobs frequently, or to bring dynamic effervescence and enthusiasm into any professional environment. Aries in the Fifth can signify romantic restlessness, or the ability to create an atmosphere of newness and adventure within a committed relationship. Again, it's all in the attitude.

And so, lively Aries…I will leave you with these words of wisdom: Enjoying the journey is what it's all about. Milk each experience for all it's worth, bringing your own brand of uniqueness to every moment. It's astounding what you can miss if you walk away from something too quickly, so stick around a bit and give it your best effort. You may be pleasantly surprised at the results. Ram on!