Saturday, August 1, 2009

A Lunar Celebration

Aquarians and Leos can soon do the happy dance; the Lunar eclipse in early August, affecting both signs directly, will be the last one in our signs for eight years. Not that eclipses are bad or anything…nothing is truly bad, per se. It’s just that the challenges we face during these celestial events can make us feel a little wuggy at times.

Eclipses always denote change…whether we like it or not. While both fixed signs, Aquarius and Leo tend to deal with change a bit differently. As Aquarius is naturally ruled by Uranus, change is our middle name. Well-adjusted (or perhaps well-acclimated is a more apt term) Aquarians have learned to actually thrive on it, finding excitement in a more dynamic environment.

Leos, however, are ruled by the Sun. They like being the center of their universes; calling all the shots, and get very uncomfortable when some uninvited celestial event comes along and shakes up their carefully constructed kingdoms. What Leo would do well to accept is that change is inevitable, even constructive. When change comes along and shakes things up a bit, we get to see the silverfish and other hidden varmints that have settled into the carpets of our psyches and can choose to finally be rid of them once and for all. A good spiritual, mental and emotional housecleaning is just the ticket for freeing us from all that clutter and self-imposed bondage.

So try not to practice avoidance maneuvers by shoving your faces firmly into the cushions of your thrones (Leo), or hiding away in your science labs (Aquarius) when the Lunar eclipse of August 5th rolls around. A much more joyful (and constructive) way of experiencing it is to join forces and throw one smashingly exceptional eclipse party! I’m game, how about you?

Leos, this is your queue to take the offered hand of that lovely Aquarian who’s been smiling at you with adventure in her (or his) eyes, let your hair down and run free with it to your heart’s content. You might be happily surprised at the outcome!

Okay, now just because I’ve been highlighting Aquarians and Leos for a few paragraphs doesn’t mean that everyone else is off the hook, so you other signs need to snap to attention here. The eclipse will affect everyone in differing ways. Wherever Leo and Aquarius lands in your natal chart, and whether the eclipse aspects any planets in your chart will denote the profound shifts that you can expect in your own lives.

For instance, if the eclipse aspects your Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and/or Mars, the changes you can expect will be personal in nature. The house placement of each planet influenced will show what areas of your life these changes will occur in. Any aspects occurring on your outer planets will be more generational or global in nature. (Hint: This would be a very good time to contact an astrologer for more concrete information on how it affects you personally.)

What’s important to remember is that change is good. We are not meant to be static, but ever growing and shifting. Change helps us to thrive and continue our forward movement along our path. It’s a good thing. What we resist persists, so try to embrace the energies surrounding this eclipse. Better yet, come join the party that we fearless Aquarians and Leos are throwing…it’s sure to be a blast!

Happy August!