Sunday, June 1, 2008

Geminastics in June

As of this writing, I’m gazing out the window of my office at the beautiful, sunny vista that is my backyard. While physically I am here in front of my faithful and highly utilitarian laptop, my consciousness is out there in my bikini, blissfully soaking up the sun. The soft breeze that murmurs through an open window, tickling my cheek and beguiling me with the scents of warmest spring is certainly not helping me to maintain my focus. The idea of being elsewhere is exceptionally seductive in this moment. And this, my friends, is a prime example of the dualism that exemplifies Gemini; a foot in each world. While the Sun makes a dash through this ever-shifting sign, between May 21st and June 21st, it’s likely that we all are feeling a bit unsettled and out of focus. This is especially true while Mercury, the ruler of Gemini, is in retrograde motion in this sign until the 20th.

Gemini is the third sign on the zodiac wheel, and makes its natural home quite comfortably in the Third House of communications and thought processes. If you’ve ever spent time in the company of a Gemini, you will nod your head knowingly when I say that they love to talk. And talk and talk and talk! My sainted Grandmother was a Gemini, and she could talk ‘til the cows came home. Whenever a visiting loved one tried to leave, she would follow them to the car, chatting with them the entire time, and then continue the conversation while they pulled down the driveway. It took even longer to get her off the phone. My family still talks about Grandma’s lively a loving, affectionate way of course!

While Geminis are typically quite verbose, almost everything that comes out of their mouths is both fascinating and clever. As air signs, these are highly inquisitive people who go through life with eyes wide open, taking in every bit of information they can. My Grandmother spent many hours sharing her life experiences with me over pot after pot of tea, and I never tired of it. Because they love to share what they’ve learned with others, and are skilled in the use of language, Geminis often make excellent ministers, highly effective orators and gifted writers.

The symbol for Gemini is the Roman numeral for two, referring to the dualistic nature of its qualities. This can manifest in a myriad of ways, including the ability of most native Geminis to do several things at once, often much faster and efficiently than it would take the rest of us to accomplish just one task. Many Geminis are fluent in multiple languages, and can carry on several conversations at once. Their tendency towards quick shifts in focus have inspired many to consider them two-faced or possessing multiple personalities. Honestly, the speed and deftness at which these people do most things will likely make anyone’s head spin; so much so that I’m convinced that the idea of multi-tasking was likely inspired by a Gemini.

As a masculine, extroverted sign, Gemini natives tend to be charming, friendly and sociable by nature, enjoying the company of others who appreciate their wit. They like to associate with others of similar intelligence level, and will happily pick the brain of anyone having information they desire. Being an air sign, Gemini is intellectual by nature, often living almost entirely in his or her head. This is great while immersed in an activity that requires tremendous mental acumen, but on the relationship and everyday life fronts, things can get a little dicey for our Mercury-ruled friends.

Restlessness is a way of life for those with Sun in Gemini, especially if they have no prominent Earth placements in their charts to help ground them. Gemini is not humble by nature, and can be quite hard to pin down. The Artful Dodger certainly must’ve been a Gemini, as they can talk their way into, and out of almost any situation. For example, have you ever tried to grasp a bit of mercury in your hand? I actually hope not, since it’s highly toxic! And so is a Mercury-ruled Gemini when you try to tie them down in any way. They will squirm, fret, and break into a million tricky pieces in a typically successful effort to slide through your fingers.

The challenge with romantic relationships that many Geminis face can involve several different factors, other than their mainly cerebral focus. Typical Geminis have little patience for sentimentality and can be viewed as quite insensitive by the warmer, more romantic types. Their restless nature makes it challenging for them to stick with any single situation for very long, and their focus shifts so quickly that they can have difficulty maintaining enthusiasm for someone that they simply couldn’t live without a short time earlier. People that tend to have the longest staying power with a Gemini are those who can match and stimulate them intellectually, and who don’t require a great deal of affection or emotional validation. Those with heavy Libra or Aquarian influence are thought to be the best candidates for any long-term relationships with a Gemini.

I feel compelled at this point to make a very important observation. While it is vital that we all learn to accept and appreciate our authentic selves, which is comprehensively indicated by our birth charts, our main objective is to evolve beyond our typical behaviours. We can do this by electing to step outside our comfort zones and engage in activities that inspire our growth; things that lift us up, always up.

With that said, the savvy Gemini could carry gemstones of a grounding nature, such as Brown Tourmaline, which will stabilize and help them to stay on task with everyday matters. Moss Agate will assist them in shifting from the cerebral to the intuitive outlook. Chrysocolla will inspire them to think before they speak, while Green Calcite will bring an emotional sensitivity to Gemini’s standard mental/physical response.

Utilizing stones such as these, with the appropriate intentions, will assist Gemini in enhancing an already fascinating nature into one that is even more effective and functional. Just remember to make it fun, and enjoy the romp!