Thursday, January 1, 2009

A New Year of Our Creation

Today we are blessed with the emergence of a New Year. The planets are in position, ready to guide us with the wisdom of their placements and interactions with each other. It's important to remember that we're all in this together, and the planets are some of many tools that we can use to help us navigate effectively through the events of this year, and work in cooperation toward the creation of a new way of seeing, doing and being.

With that in mind, I'm shifting gears this month and offering a series on what the planets are showing us for the year ahead. By understanding these messages, we can move forward with confidence and greater wisdom. It's important to understand that while the planets themselves do not cause these changes, they are however indicators of them. It is through our actions that we create what is to be. Through the wisdom gained from knowing what we have to work with, we can then make decisions that will affect the outcome of these events. Astrology is one of many tools at our disposal to gain this knowledge.

As we enter this exciting New Year, Aquarius energy is at the forefront with Mercury, Venus and Neptune having a soirée in this sign. Venus will leave the party on the 4th, taking up a dance with Pisces, a couple days before Jupiter moves in to take her place. Yep, it's pretty certain that Aquarius will set a profound tone for the year to come in a variety of ways, and not a moment too soon in my book!

So for this month's article, we'll be taking a good look at transiting Jupiter, our indulgent and expansive astrological father figure. As mentioned above, Jupiter begins the year finishing up his dialog with staid and practical Capricorn until the 5th of the month, when he will begin his year-long conversation with the effervescent and friendly Aquarius. And oh, what a conversation this will be!

Jupiter's usually expansive energy has been a bit stifled by his visit with Capricorn this past year, where we witnessed a major tightening of the belt on many different levels. On some of these levels it was a good thing, as our extravagances of the recent past have resulted in a bit of a political and economic mess, to put it mildly. On other levels, however, Capricorn's constriction of Jupiter put the brakes on our innovative, imaginative abilities. We truly need these qualities to begin the shift into a new perspective and action plan that will create lasting, positive changes in all of these realms.

You see, Jupiter's intentions are to expand our experiences, knowledge and understanding. Jupiter represents hopefulness, generosity, growth, joyfulness and abundance. Jupiter is in his fall while in the company of conservative Capricorn, and therefore feels unhappy and constricted there.

Enter Aquarius the Visionary, and the fearless sign of freedom and change. This is a sign that is innately optimistic, humanitarian, unconventional, creative and rebellious…the list just goes on and on. Jupiter will breathe a sigh of relief, as will we all, as he is allowed to stretch and relax himself into a more comfortable countenance on Aquarius's couch. In the presence of Aquarius, Jupiter's focus will be of a more mystical and humanitarian bent, and will express himself in more positive, original and philosophical ways. Here, our chances for success are greatly improved, although we may have to find constructive ways to harness and work with an amplified Aquarian nature that can at times be restless and erratic. The interesting dynamic here is that Aquarius is ruled by both Saturn, the conservative restrictive father, and Uranus, the innovative unpredictable genius. Somehow, Aquarius finds a way to make it work beautifully. Jupiter can work very efficiently with both energies as well, extending the benefits of this collaboration to us all.

We can experience the dynamic of Saturn and Jupiter as a sort of harmonious tandem; the Kundalini breath, if you will: Saturn contracts and Jupiter expands…breathe in, breathe out. By finding a good rhythm with these forces of nature, we can build up an energy that can move mountains!

At the same time, the Uranian energies of Aquarius will find unrestrained expression while in a mutually receptive dance with Jupiter, and advances in electronics, technology, working in groups, various gadgetry, and exploring new and innovative ways of thinking and doing will be a powerful focus. This is Uber-creativity in the making, with a capital U. As a result, this year we can look forward to massive expansion in the areas of technology, aeronautics, astrology, alternative methods of transportation and energy, broadcasting, science and research. All things Aquarian are moving forward by leaps and bounds! Whoo-hoo!

Ahem. Excuse me. My Aquarian slip is showing.

Another highly dynamic Aquarian alliance will occur twice at the beginning of this year between Mercury and Jupiter. The first time will be on January 18th, while retrograde Mercury in Aquarius visits with Jupiter for a spell before briefly moving back into Capricorn. Retrograde Mercury can be likened to a "do-over" of sorts, where we can transform our fearful thoughts and outmoded paradigms into something much more workable. This particular experience, due to a square between the Jupiter/Mercury alliance and a Scorpio Moon, will be related to the individual healing of our emotional selves, which likely include issues with our mothers and/or food.

This event will be a doorway for us to finally let go of the past and embrace healing. The influence is especially powerful with Pluto busily doing his Feng-Shui thing at the same time in the sign of Capricorn, by rearranging our old ways of thinking, and cleaning out all the clutter in whichever house Capricorn occupies in our individual natal charts.

January 18th is a good time to turn inward and ask yourself, "How am I shaped by the fears of my mother?" (and/or a prominent female guardian.) Take this opportunity to explore how the particular issues she may have inadvertently projected onto you are holding you back. What moldy internal dialog do you still carry with you from her influence that no longer serves your present path? Once you isolate these underlying influences, you can then work toward healing and loving forgiveness. Remember that it all begins with love.

The second hook-up between Jupiter and Mercury will occur in February, and I'll cover the opportunity this meeting indicates in next month's article.

Jupiter in Aquarius beckons us to release ourselves from the cover of fear and self-imposed, or otherwise imposed restriction; reaching out and connecting with groups and organizations that help us expand our consciousness, which then helps us to evolve into a state of stimulated awareness and mind-blowing spiritual advancement. Where this opportunity for change arises for you personally is indicated by the placement of Aquarius in your natal chart. Whichever house Aquarius occupies is the sector of your life that is Jupiter's primary focus this year.

Now that Jupiter is teaming up with the energies of Neptune in the sign of Aquarius in the spring of this year, we are free to evolve beyond seeing ourselves as members of nationalistic societies compartmentalized by perceived borders, and finally awaken to the knowledge of ourselves as world citizens. By understanding our connection to each other, we can then work toward a common vision, functioning through inspired leadership, where everyone benefits and can then live in peace.

How cool is that?