Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Heart of Taurus

Indulge me for a moment, as I’d like to dedicate this month’s article to the late Rita A. Jackson; my astrological mentor, my nurturing spiritual mother, and my very best friend. Rita was a Taurus who embodied the very essence of the highest qualities of her Sun sign. An exceptionally gifted astrologer, Rita could instantly recall anyone’s chart she had ever examined, even if she hadn’t seen it in years. Her passion for astrology was contagious, and she generously shared her extensive knowledge with me during the course of our 18-year friendship. She truly enjoyed this insightful science, always had a book in her hand, and continued studying until her transition in the early morning hours of March 17, 1999. Her kindness was exceptional. She was one of those rare amazing people who gently enter our lives, instantly winning our hearts and unexpectedly facilitating our transformation from sleeping Buddhas to fully awakened spiritual beings. Rita lovingly understood and accepted the timid, broken girl that her daughter brought home for dinner one night, and proceeded to mother me into the woman I would become by showing me the jewel that she saw within. I am honoured to have been chosen as her “adopted” daughter, am grateful to my own Higher Wisdom for allowing this experience, and will forever remember her with warm, loving gratitude.

Good journey, Rita…until we meet again.

The month of May begins with the warm energies of a Taurus Sun. Taurus is the second astrological sign on the zodiac wheel, and makes its natural home in the second house of personal possessions and values. The Sun moves through Taurus from April 21st to May 21st of each year, and signals the beginning of warm breezes and the delightful aromas of rich earth and blooming foliage. As a sensual sign, it’s only fitting that Taurus rules the time of year when our tactile instincts reawaken along with our desire to create beautiful and fragrant surroundings, and we emerge from our cocoons to enjoy the warm sun on our faces again. Our appetites for the pleasures of life are reactivated, eager to participate in the joyful reawakening of the Earth. The ancient celebration of Mayday or Beltaine occurs at this time, and the sensual energies of the day have Taurus written all over them!

The symbol that represents Taurus is the bull, likely indicating its fixed nature. While these people are generally kind and gentle, if a Taurus doesn’t want to do something, there’s absolutely no way to convince them otherwise. This can be one of the most challenging traits that they, and those who love them, will face. My eldest son is a Taurus, and I recall a humorous event from his early childhood that made this tendency glaringly clear to me. For an entire year prior to this event, all he could talk about was riding a school bus; he was so enthralled with the concept. His favourite toys were school buses, or involved them in some fashion. When we moved to a new school district that made it necessary for him to ride in one, he was ecstatic and looked forward to the experience with adorable enthusiasm. Yet on that first day when the cheery yellow contraption rolled to a stop at the curb and the doors flipped open to welcome him, his face went white. It was likely the enormity of the actual real deal that overwhelmed him, and/or the roar of the other kids restlessly waiting inside, but whatever the case, he wasn’t about to budge. Try as I might, I couldn’t motivate the little tyke to board the thing he cherished the most. The driver and I both tried everything at our disposal, including attempts to physically lift him from the pavement, but he’d set his jaw and wouldn’t have any part of it. It was like he had grown roots right where he stood and I finally had to relent and drive him to school myself. This, my friends, is a prime example of the stubbornness Taurus can display.

As exasperating as they can be when they’re not willing to waver, being fixed can have its benefits. An Earth sign by nature, Taurus is grounded and stable. If there is a lasting project that requires stamina and commitment, having reliable Taurus on board is your best bet for successful completion. While at times slow to motivate, once a Taurus gets moving on anything, the momentum is solid to the finish. As long as you practice fairness and appreciation for the efforts they expend on your behalf, and find interesting ways to kick-start their enthusiasm, you will never find a more loyal, disciplined worker.

As a feminine sign, Taurus is nurturing and patient, and can make for loving, devoted parents. I believe that it is no accident that Mother’s Day is observed while the Sun visits Taurus. Affectionate by nature, any child would certainly thrive with a parent who is positively influenced by this sign. Taureans tend to have a genuine interest in their children, and a strong desire for them to find happiness, safety and comfort throughout their lives. On occasion, this interest can take on a controlling nature, and their children may feel a bit more encroached upon than is comfortable. Taurus parents need to learn to step back a bit at these times, loosen up the reigns and allow their children to find their own paths while maintaining a distant, watchful eye. If you are the child of a Taurus, try to understand that any smothering behavior you may have experienced as a child was borne of genuine love with the best intentions for your safety and happiness.

Ruled by the planet Venus, Taurus loves to be surrounded by things of beauty, comfort and pleasure. Sensual by nature, these individuals generally make the best lovers of the zodiac; for not only are they highly in tune with what pleases them the most, they also possess a sincere desire to insure that their partners receive just as much pleasure as they do. This doesn’t guarantee that all Taureans are a shoe-in for the bedroom Olympics, and that we should all sprint to find a Taurus lover as soon as possible. Remember always that the Sun sign only partially represents our full natures, and that there’s an entire chart to consider when choosing a mate. It simply means that those lucky enough to be wooed by someone who embodies the true Taurus romantic nature will likely be pleasantly awed by the difference a deliberate, attentive touch makes in all the right places.

Taurus is generally very easygoing by nature, with a contagious sense of humour. It takes quite a bit to rattle this stable sign, and on the rare occasion when he or she does become pushed to the limit, it’s best to get out of their way. A few of the top things that could make these individuals feel edgy and reactive are unfair judgments or criticism against them, an intrusion on their relationships, and being pushed too hard or rushed beyond their own comfortable rhythm. Taurus sets their own pace, and while it may seem irritatingly plodding to us faster moving signs, trying to push them beyond this tempo could have unhealthy results – for you and them. The same holds true for interfering in their personal relationships; while very loving and gentle, they are also possessive by nature, and if they perceive that you are threatening the sanctity of their partnerships there could be hell to pay. Remember the bull when it sees red? Not pretty.

If you are a Taurus, when situations arise that unnerve you to the core and make you feel unhinged or ungrounded, go outside and sink your hands or feet into some rich organic soil. If it’s winter outside and the ground is frozen, keep a bag of potting soil on hand to plunge into when the situation warrants it. It may sound a little kooky to some of us, but nothing feels more healing to a Taurus than to reconnect directly with his or her own element. Keeping stones like malachite or emerald on hand will provide a stable sort of energy that can bring you back in balance. If you’re feeling lethargic, try holding a piece of tiger’s eye or red jasper to give you that jumpstart you need. On those occasions when you feel lonely or unappreciated from external resources, rose quartz will help inspire the loving energies within that you need in order to feel better.

If you are the parent of a Taurus child, be sure to shower them with affection and acceptance. While challenging at times, practicing patience and understanding is vital for raising a happy Taurean. They thrive in comfortable, secure environments, and require these elements in order to grow up healthy and self-assured. As Earth signs, drastic change can be very unsettling for your budding bull, so be sure to buffer any sudden, unavoidable events with offers of love and reassurance. As Taurus adores physical comfort, it’s important to get your little one outside for some fresh air and physical exercise on a regular basis, barring any serious health conditions. If a love of physical exertion isn’t encouraged from an early age, a Taurus could exhibit a modicum of laziness that could later affect their health. Unhealthy weight gain is common among our comfort-loving friends, and it’s important that they keep themselves active to stay robust and in good physical shape.

So in closing, I’d like to wish everyone a happy Mayday. Celebrate this day by connecting with someone you love, and enjoying the wonders of the great outdoors. I believe with all my heart that Mother Earth is a Taurus, so I invite you to honour her this month by enjoying the gifts she offers and doing your part to promote the healing that she both needs and deserves.