Tuesday, June 1, 2010

When Expansion and Genius Meet

An exciting conjunction begins this month between Jupiter and Uranus in Aries beginning June 8 and lasting for approximately three months. This particular conjunction is pretty rare, because while Jupiter and Uranus meet in conjunction once every 14 years, the opportunity for them to meet in the sign Aries is decidedly more infrequent: about once every 83 or so years.

When a conjunction between Uranus and Jupiter occurs in the sign Aries, the impetus for giant leaps forward in technology and/or expanded consciousness is set in place. The last time Uranus and Jupiter were conjunct in Aries, on May 20-21in the year 1927, a young man named Charles Lindbergh (an Aquarian ruled by Uranus) made the first non-stop solo flight across the Atlantic in his single-engine monoplane named The Spirit of St. Louis. Groups of people huddled around radios worldwide to listen in awe as reports of his departure from Long Island and his subsequent safe landing in Paris were broadcast around the world.

A key phrase whenever Uranus is involved in anything is “expect the unexpected.” (Those of us who are familiar with an Aquarian or two will certainly concur.) Uranus is the planet of science and technology, sudden, unexpected changes, all things non-conventional and sheer, unbridled genius. Known as the absent-minded professor, Uranus is constantly at work inspiring creative mastermind’s worldwide into conjuring up all sorts of interesting contraptions that are altogether functional, exciting and terribly cool!

This Uranian unpredictability is certainly exacerbated by the appearance of Aries in the mix. Aries is an impetuous energy; charging forward into uncharted territory with the zest and vigor of one who doesn’t know any better, and doesn’t really care. The great vanguard of the Zodiac, Aries is known for leading us courageously into our next great adventure with tremendous fanfare and hoopla.

Combine these two elements with our indulgent father of the Zodiac, Jupiter, and just watch the alchemical transformation take place! Jupiter is an expansive energy, and tends to place no limits to how much rope he’ll afford us as we plunge forward into a new age of science and technology! With Jupiter’s highly spiritual influence, we can likely anticipate that these new breakthroughs will have a strong element of the esoteric this time around. All indications are pointing at solid breakthroughs in technology that will involve the Higher arts. Perhaps we’ll finally make that much anticipated contact with other beings from distant places or dimensions that we hear about more and more these days. Most certainly we will make tremendous personal as well as collective strides in our own explorations into what may have previously been deemed impossible territories…both on the physical and metaphysical planes.

On a more mundane level, perhaps they’ll finally figure out how to plug up that oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico! One can hope. However, I digress…

For the individual, wherever this conjunction occurs in your chart will indicate where in your life you become willing to make shifts that you normally would not feel inspired to make. This is very exciting, because these shifts could occur in the form of explorations into one’s creative potential, a profound move toward the overcoming of fears, and/or a huge step in a direction that once was considered unfeasible. I’m not talking baby steps here…with Jupiter, Aries and Uranus working in unison, these shifts will be more like quantum leaps with a capital “Q”!

The key is to let go of any residual resistance we may feel. We have the opportunity at this time to experience a tremendous leap of consciousness into a whole new dimension of being, which will require a courageous leap of faith. What is occurring now is in direct alignment with the great changes in consciousness that have been taking place recently within our personal and collective experiences. I have covered some of these transformations in many past articles, which can be accessed in our CMJ archives.

It’s important to understand that we are now being gifted with a great opportunity to dig ourselves out of our carefully constructed, self-imposed limitations and experience freedom and joy in many forms; the majority of which will be witnessed on the everyday level for sure. For those of us who are open and allowing, these shifts will likely be experienced in the form of a great opening up in our awareness and knowledge of our connectedness with each other through our ever-present connection with the Divine.


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