Sunday, November 1, 2009

Conjunction Junction…

We’ve been experiencing an interesting, and very rare, celestial occurrence for the better part of this year involving Chiron, Jupiter and Neptune being in close conjunction with each other in the sign of Aquarius. While the year, and the conjunction is almost completed, I chose to highlight this occurrence now, because the impact of this energetic shift indicates far reaching effects for years to come.

Knowledge is power, and the more awake and aware we are, the better we can utilize the opportunities that manifest for us. Since this is such an important occurrence, I will touch briefly on its effects this month, and next month go deeper into our exploration of this occurrence, and how it affects us both collectively and personally.

A conjunction occurs when two or more planets move into close angular proximity to each other, which promotes cooperation between each planet, and allows a mixture of energies that create a unique alchemy that can transform us in profound ways. The breadth and scope of this transformation is entirely up to us and how we choose to utilize the energies provided.

In this case Jupiter, the planet of expansion, is in collaboration with Chiron, the Wounded Healer, and we are offered the opportunity for healing on a deep level. With Neptune offering his unique energies to the mix, we are better able to work on several dimensional levels. This energetic shift happening in Aquarius is profound indeed, and many Aquarian concepts, such as environmental sustainability, humanitarianism and collective cooperation are at the forefront of activity at this time.

For those who have an interest in the Mayan calendar, what began November of last year was a movement through the Sixth Day of the Mayan calendar, which has offered us a period of profound enlightenment and healing. We are finishing up our movements through this period throughout the month of November, and the conjunction between Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune are amping up the process quite a bit. This inspires us to become more conscious of our connection to Source, and in our abilities as powerful co-creators of our own experiences, as well as our personal impact upon each other. I’ll explore the potential effects this collaboration has upon our personal relationships in my December article.

Anyone whose birth chart is significantly aspected by this phenomenon will have the opportunity to transform his or her life into one that is more inspiring, spiritually based, and functional. Nearly everyone is being inspired by this occurrence, however, and we can all benefit from its effects. For instance, anyone born at this time, or anything began during this occurrence has the potential for greatness.

Depending on where this triple conjunction falls in your natal chart is where you will feel the insistent, somewhat unsettling impetus for change and intense healing. We are all given the opportunity to finally face the old wounds of our past, allowing the deep healing necessary to move forward toward freedom from our typical, subconsciously-inspired responses. To fully utilize these energies, thereby transforming your life into one that is more connected to your true Divine path, move toward opening your heart and remaining centered within it. Many of us have learned, through childhood traumas and/or life situations, to seek refuge in our minds. This has provided us with the illusion of safety from our emotional centers, but has actually kept us from experiencing fully our joyful natures, and our connection to the Universe.

And so, wherever you are feeling inspired to heal, to motivate and to create positive change for yourselves and others, I say go with it, allow the energies to flow, and I’ll see you next month with more on this fabulous opportunity!


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