Thursday, February 1, 2007

When Thoughts turn to Love…

Welcome to February, everyone! While this month may seem cold and barren, there’s plenty of excitement and activities that we can engage in to warm us up inside!

The month begins with Sun in Aquarius, which stimulates us mentally, heightens our efforts toward friendship and social interaction, and inspires us to break free of any pre-set standards that may have become stale. Some of us may choose to utilize these energies to plan ahead, employing innovative ideas and unconventional methods to attain our goals. Aquarius gives us the gumption to break with tradition and set out boldly toward new, progressive ways of doing things.

Aquarius also inspires us to work together in groups toward common goals that could benefit society as a whole. Humanitarianism thrives right now, and we may wish to take this opportunity to become more involved in some charitable and/or compassionate pursuits. Wherever Aquarius resides in your own natal chart, and any natal planets currently interacting with the transiting Sun, will indicate how you can best utilize the energies of this transit. This is definitely a time for getting ourselves out there and becoming involved in something that we can wrap our passions around!

When the Sun moves gently into Pisces, on the 20th, we will be moved to turn toward our own inner essence, seeking a deeper personal peace. Through cultivating harmony within ourselves, we are then able to reach outward empathically, approaching others in ways that may have proved challenging in the past.

Mercury, who represents our thought processes and methods of communication, moves into Pisces on the 3rd, inspiring thoughts that are more on the emotional, introspective side. Students may learn more by absorption than by study at this time, and daydreaming may create some challenges in the academic realm, or in any other endeavor requiring serious thought. With this in mind, remaining grounded and focused on the task at hand can help when it is necessary to communicate and think seriously. Intuitions are heightened now, and it may become difficult to distinguish between our sense of reality and our subconscious emotions.

Adding a bit more of an opportunity to the mix, Mercury will turn retrograde on the 14th, and will remain in that motion until March 7th. When Mercury moves retrograde this month, our thoughts can become even more introspective, and people who have Pisces prominent in their natal charts may become especially prone to deepened soul-searching. We are being given the opportunity to reach inside and contemplate who we really are. Digging deep and discovering insights into our own subconscious behaviors, whether they are ego-based, fear-based, or based in some other limiting factor, will surely benefit us in the long run by motivating us to change what doesn’t work for us into that which does. These changes could ultimately allow us to experience our lives more joyously.

Mercury retrograde in Pisces can be a bit on the challenging side, and communications may become a bit blurred and difficult to understand. We could experience strange dreams and more psychic experiences than usual, which could seem complex and trickier to interpret. Realizing that the line between our thoughts and emotions may become fuzzy during this period, we can choose to remain quiet and centered while at work or in the company of others, rather than becoming reactive or overly analytical.

Of special note: You may have noticed that Mercury goes retrograde on the 14th – Valentine’s Day. Did I just sense a shiver creeping down the spines of lovers everywhere? Fear not, for I have a couple ideas to share. Knowing that Mercury retrograde can make communications of all kinds a bit delicate, may I suggest that you get your Valentines in the mail the Friday before? You may also wish to celebrate the famous Day for Lovers early, perhaps planning a weekend getaway with that someone special on the weekend before Valentine’s Day, when sweet sentiments will be more readily spoken, understood and accepted, than on the actual day itself.

For those of you who may have something really big planned -- like “popping the question” to that special someone on the most romantic of days -- and insist on keeping your plans intact, you might try insuring that things go a bit smoother by raising the intention that everything will be harmonious, charming and lovely (it might also be helpful to have a “plan B” in place). Love and sex will certainly be at the forefront on this day, since both Venus and Mars will be in the signs of their exaltation, Pisces and Capricorn respectively, and their influences and energies will be strengthened. This will be a good day to appear more beautiful and passionate than usual, so remaining joyous and enthusiastic will help to buffer any awkward moments we may face.

To ensure an exquisite experience, appealing to the romantic, charming energy of Venus in Pisces to grace your event might be just the ticket, since she has the poise to soothe just about any challenging situation. Venus’ passage through Pisces gives her an even gentler, more compassionate nature that is both romantic and sensitive. A perfect element for lovers on a night such as this!
Have a Joyous, Loving Valentine’s Day!

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