Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Loving Your Solar Opposite

Romantic love can be an amazing, wonderful, somewhat complex, dizzyingly delicious, profoundly transformative experience that is filled with a myriad of qualities that offer spice and opportunities to jazz up our lives. It can be whatever we desire, actually, depending upon the intentions that both individuals bring into creating a relationship together. Remembering that each experience is tempered with choice, we can choose to proceed with a sense of happy anticipation of what is to come.

In astrology, there are many factors that indicate romantic compatibility between two people, and a good astrologer can help you to determine these factors. While traditional astrology contains some hard and fast rules when determining the compatibility of two people, I'm of the Aquarian school of thought where most rules go out the window, and intentions set the tone! That is to say, it's good to have an idea of the basics of astrological compatibility, and it's also good to have an attitude of allowing things to flow with whatever feels good. So many times I've encountered someone who had fallen in love with another, only to have their elation deflated because some well-meaning friend mentioned that their Sun signs weren't compatible, or it was pointed out that there would be problems down the line due to such-and-such aspect in their chart. Setting limits upon experiences such as these can do a grave injustice to the potential gifts this type of relationship can offer a couple. It helps to understand that while it's good to have deeper insight into the dynamics of a relationship, care should be taken not to pinch off the opportunity for growth through this experience just because there may be a few bumps in the road up ahead.

Take Solar opposites for example. There are some who believe that two people coming together with opposing Sun signs are in for a tumultuous ride that consists of severe emotions and calamitous battles of will. While there may be potential for such extremes, there is also greater opportunity for a profound and uplifting love that creates balance and harmony between the couple as a whole, and within each individually. The difference comes down to the basics; choice and intention. Those who desire it can create a relationship with each other where individual differences are embraced, and the opportunity to learn and grow is nurtured and fully utilized. Let's take a look at one factor in the Leo/Aquarius connection, for instance. Leo tends to be fully in tune with self, while Aquarius is focused outward toward humanity. Can you see the opportunity for each individual in this example?

If Leo chooses to become inspired by Aquarius's example, he can learn to expand his inner focus outward a little more, sharing the abundant love he feels within with humanity as a whole. In doing so, he can learn to embrace all the gifts that such expansion brings, which includes unlimited vitality achieved by profound knowledge of Universal connection. This knowledge can become much more than mere intellectual knowing, but a deep, inner feeling of connectedness with All That Is. Conversely, if Aquarius chooses to become inspired by Leo's example, she can learn to channel some of her expansive, outwardly-directed humanitarian instincts inward, savoring the energies created, and utilizing them to gain deeper knowledge and compassion of self. She can also achieve profound inner healing, at the soul level, by learning that love must begin by loving oneself. What amazing gifts these two have to teach each other, and then to share with the world!

There is much to be gained by exploring unfamiliar territory, and embracing the experiences that being with your Solar opposite can bring. Opposing Sun signs have an elemental advantage that can also be utilized, as complementary element combinations are Water/Earth, and Fire/Air. Each sign of the zodiac is associated with one of four elemental qualities; Earth, Air, Fire and Water, and by looking at the charts below, you can see how Solar opposites can compliment each other on this level:

Solar Opposites:
Aries & Libra (Fire/Air)
Taurus & Scorpio (Earth/Water)
Gemini & Sagittarius (Air/Fire)
Cancer & Capricorn (Water/Earth)
Leo & Aquarius (Fire/Air)
Virgo & Pisces (Earth/Water)

Element Compatibility:
Fire -- desires freedom.
Earth -- needs security.
Air -- like fire, but with a different emphasis, desires freedom.
Water -- like earth, but with a different emphasis, needs security.

As I've mentioned in some of my previous articles, there are a myriad of factors other than Sun sign resonance that help to determine the romantic compatibility between two people, although looking at Sun sign potential can be a fun place to start! Bearing in mind that even the most challenging chart comparison in the world can yield happy results if the couple involved are willing to work with each other toward a common goal, it's a good idea to have a chart comparison and/or composite chart done by a professional, positive-minded astrologer when you meet that special someone who you think may have some long-term potential. An astrologer can indicate the strengths and opportunities for growth in your union, assisting you in choosing the emphasis of your alliance with each other. In this way, you both can start out on solid ground with a good idea of how to create the most harmonious, open-hearted relationship possible.

Here's to happy loving, everyone!

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