Monday, October 1, 2007

Finding Balance with Libra

This month, I’d like to focus your attention on the sign of Libra. The Sun occupies Libra every year from September 23 to October 22. As an air sign, Libra is more cerebral than emotional; it's interesting to note that Libra is the only sign of the zodiac that has an inanimate object as its symbol, and many astrologers feel that this is symbolic of Libra's tendency to disassociate itself from its emotions.

I have had the distinct pleasure, and occasional sorrow, of knowing several Libras in the course of my life. I can honestly say that I greatly value the contribution that each one has made in my evolutionary path.

Libra is all about partnership. This means romantic, business, and social affiliation. It is difficult for Libra to feel truly complete without a partner, and I’ve personally known some hapless Libras that have endured a few costly marriages before finally hitting the well as some who haven't quite made it there yet. The compulsion that drives Libra to seek out partnership has its share of pitfalls, as Libra is known to settle into an unhappy relationship or affiliation in an effort to maintain that balance of partnership that they so desperately desire, for better or for worse. Libra will do well in seeking to find the balance within, and when this is accomplished, only then go out into the world to find that perfect partner to balance their outer selves.

Libras are generally gifted in the area of diplomacy, and therefore make excellent mediators, as long as they are not personally involved in the issue at hand. In such circumstances, they happily play devil's advocate, presenting the opposing view as being equally valid, while suggesting effective methods of resolving the situation. Disliking crudeness, they strive to keep emotions at an even keel, practicing refinement and dignity in all their associations, and fully expect the same from others.

Being ruled by the lovely and socially artful Venus, Libra appreciates beauty, attempting to immerse themselves in pleasant surroundings while accompanied by equally attractive people. They possess a profound love of art in all its forms, and are often found at leisure time blissfully absorbed in the offerings of art galleries, concerts, scenic vistas, and other places of beauty. Individual tastes vary, of course. One particular Libra that I happen to know well, while seemingly unappreciative of traditional forms of art and literature, is a master at creating beautiful gardens that are not only show pieces, but also harmonious places of refuge and serenity.

Many people believe that since the symbol for Libra is an image of balancing scales, they are consequently the most stable and rational sign in the zodiac. This isn’t quite accurate, however. The truth is that Libra requires balance, and so actively seeks it out in an effort to feel complete, or to become self-actualized. Libra is associated with the Greek goddess of Justice, Themis, which can help explain Libra's reluctance to make snap decisions, choosing instead to weigh the options and influences carefully before proceeding. Because fairness is imperative to those with Sun in Libra, it can be quite frustrating for others to deal with them while faced with making a final verdict, often no matter how simple it may be. While looking up the word indecision in the dictionary, one could almost find the concerned visage of one's closest Libra loved one peering imploringly back at them. Aside from shying away from conflict, being decisive is likely the most vexing challenge Libra must face, and the most difficult for their loved ones to tolerate.

Libra detests unpleasant confrontation, to the point where they can become visibly disturbed, or even physically ill in the aftermath of a particularly negative encounter. For this reason, Libra can be known to stick their heads in the sand when faced with anything unpleasant, which is akin to Scorpio's method of "denning it" when there's something they wish to avoid. This can be another source of frustration for those close to them who desire a resolution to the problem, the result being endless conflict. The key here is for Libra to learn to manage their sensitivities while bravely treading the narrow precipice of challenging relations. If they learn the value and growth benefits of peace after conflict, or of employing their innate abilities at diplomacy in conjunction with a strong desire to reach happy resolution within their relationships, they find that everyone benefits. It may help if Libra can learn that conflicts and difficulties do not define them personally, and that the ability to face them head-on is an art that can be accomplished easily once they put their minds to the task.

Its important to remember that it isn't necessary to have Sun into Libra to possess some of its tendencies. Libra, as well as every other sign in the zodiac, has a modicum of influence in every astrological chart. Depending on which house it resides in your personal chart, and whichever planets, if any, have chosen to keep it company is where its level of influence for you can be determined. For instance, if you have Libra in the Seventh House of partnership, the natural placement for Libra, you require your associates to be fair, balanced and harmonious. Your life partner must be quite adept at the social graces, display a witty intellect, and be pleasing to the eye. Affection or passionate exchange with your partner may not be as important to you as the ability to create a relationship together that hums steadily along with very few, if any, bumps in the road.

As the Sun moves through Libra this month, you may find yourself desiring of more harmonious, aesthetically pleasing surroundings and relationships, and may become inspired to seek out the company of others who share your personal ideals and temperament. Working in partnership may be highlighted, and projects initiated with this in mind should flow very well toward fruition. Be sure to put a little fun into the mix, so you remember that joyous living is the name of the game.


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