Friday, August 1, 2008

The Lion’s Share

I’ve known many Leos in my time thus far, and each of them in their own unique way has inspired a greater understanding of the complexities of this human experience. They are a dynamic lot, these courageous souls, and while at times infuriating, they do have the potential to really spice up the mix a bit!

Leo is the fifth astrological sign of the Zodiac, and therefore finds its natural home in the fifth house of pleasure, fun, creativity and romance. Not all Leos take full advantage of these qualities, but enough of them do to make things memorable for the rest of us. Masculine by nature, Leo’s element is fire and its quality is fixed and stubborn. Ruled by the Sun, Leo exhibits a passionate, vibrant, fiery quality that is at once attractive, if not a little dangerous. Those of us who feel compelled to fly a little too close to the warmth of Leo’s center may get our wings singed a bit from time to time…ah but such is the nature of the beast, and some prices are worth paying dearly for. That is, if you’re into that sort of thing.

The Sun dances through Leo every year from around July 23rd to approximately August 22nd, depending upon the year. The symbol for Leo is the lion, due to its proud, regal and dramatic nature. Leo likes to be in charge, and those with Sun in Leo definitely rule over his or her particular patch of the jungle. Every Leo I’ve ever known makes it quite clear from the get-go that they are most assuredly in charge, and woe to the individual that attempts to assert their own brand of authority in the realm of the Lion. Anyone blessed by the presence of a Leo in their lives have experienced both the highest levels of affection, and the loudest spine-rattling roar from their Leonine loved one when circumstances inspire.

Leo loves the drama, comfortably taking center stage at any party or production and delighting us with its playful, yet powerful sense of nobility. I had a Leo friend during my teenage years who would enter a room full of people with a flourish, and a resounding “Hi!” We simply had no choice but to pay attention to him when he was present, and he made it worth our while by amusing us with his lordly theatrics. The only people remotely miffed by his flamboyant, attention-grabbing behaviour were the other Leos in the room…and there were quite a few. The smartest of us simply ducked out of the path of all Leos present and watched the drama unfold from the sidelines. Each lion – male and female alike, would vie for the center seat in all gatherings using every clever method they could devise, (sometimes subtle…sometimes not so much,) and the rest of us would simply pop popcorn and wait to see which one remained unscathed to the end. Hey, in those days they rolled up the sidewalks at 5 pm in Royal Oak…we youngsters had little else to do to amuse ourselves!

Leos generally make loving, affectionate parents who dote on their children as extensions of themselves. They take their role as parents very seriously, and their children quickly become the measure of their abilities. Care should be taken by all Leo parents to allow their children the freedom to spread their own wings, to develop their own unique sense of self, and to express their individuality. Trust me, if you give them the option, they will make you proud. Your strength, loyalty and devotion have given them the greatest tools to venture out into the world, and at some point, you will have to let go and let them fly. This is especially true if your little ones are also little Leo cubs. See yourself in them. Remember the freedom of expression you craved as a young lion. Know what would have inspired you to thrive as a child growing into adulthood, and behave accordingly. You will then know the realization of your greatest accomplishment as a parent: the complete acceptance and devotion of your children in the form of strong, self-assured, successful adults.

Leos can be the most loyal, supportive and enthusiastic of friends. Their sunny dispositions and clever sense of humour add to their already attractive nature, and they can be a great deal of fun to be around. The Leos who exemplify this trait will be there for friends and family through thick and thin, fiercely defending them to a fault, and always showing up with a lavish gift on special occasions or a bottle of wine and Belgian chocolates when one’s heart has been broken to pieces. A Leo’s heart is a big one, and those who have been raised to know their own power will courageously share their affections expansively.

The most rewarding careers for Leos are those which allow them to express themselves creatively and powerfully. Politics, law, entertainment in the form of music, theater and other art forms are ideal choices for Leos. Bill Clinton, Madonna, Amelia Earhart, Mick Jagger, Peter O’Toole, Menachem Begin and Martin Sheen are just a few of the many Leos who have stepped into the public spotlight and dazzled us all with their abilities, in addition to providing us with dramatic, provocative and colourful situations that really turn our heads!


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