Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Our Suns, Our Selves

You know, technology is just about the coolest thing going! I'm feeling this pretty strongly today, as I'm careening northbound along I-75 with my guy by my side, my laptop open and at the ready to archive my mental meanderings. George Harrison is gently serenading us from the Ipod as we're heading up for a lovely weekend stay in Petoskey, MI. I'm utilizing the drive time to polish up this article while enjoying the awakening fall colours along the way. It all feels amazingly good! While this may seemingly have little to do with this month's article, I'm inspired to express the joy I feel at being able to experience writing in such a fashion. As a bona fide Aquarian "gadget girl," I absolutely appreciate the way technology has streamlined my life, and wanted to share my gratitude with you. It's the little things that count.

Last month's offering completed my series of articles touching briefly upon the qualities of each of the twelve signs of the zodiac. Beginning this month, we'll journey together through a discussion on the planets and asteroids, and how they can provide insight into life's internal and external experiences. We'll begin our journey with this month's focus on the radiant and powerful Sun.

"So…what's your sign?"

Are you rolling your eyes yet? I know we've all heard this question at least once in our lives, most likely at a party or pub during the seventies when it transformed from a useful query into a common pick up line. Since I'm not one for clich├ęs, when I've just met someone that piques my interest, I'm more likely to ask, "When's your birthday?" As an astrologer, I simply cannot help myself in asking, and this way I'm spared a fair amount of the aforementioned eye-rolling. Regardless of how it's asked, this question is referring to a person's Sun Sign, and while it is very helpful to us in gaining insight into the mysteries of each other, it's important to remember that it is only a portion of the complete picture.

Your Sun Sign refers to the zodiac sign that the Sun was moving through at the moment of your birth. The exact day that the Sun transitions from one sign to the other varies slightly from year to year, due to adjustment for leap year. With this in mind, those of us who are born on or near the day the Sun makes this shift between the signs are considered "cusp born" and will embody some traits of the two neighboring signs. Additionally, if you are born on the very day of this shift, you will need to check with an astrologer or ephemeris with your exact time of birth in order to get an accurate Sun Sign denomination.

The Sun is the official ruler the zodiac sign Leo, as well as the Fifth House of creativity, which represents children of the mind and body, our romantic tendencies and how we seek pleasure. In medical astrology, the Sun is associated with the heart, circulatory system, and the thymus. Sunday is thus named because of its association with the Sun.

When we look at the Sun's symbol, it signifies the Circle of Spirit (potential) finding expression or focus in the central point (self.) The Sun is the giver of life. It is central to our being, directing us through this lifetime's experience, and can be considered the "boss" of our chart. It indicates what we are learning to become, and more accurately represents our capacity for reason as opposed to our instincts. If we choose to identify ourselves in healthy ways to our Sun signs, we can thus gain a greater degree of happiness and fulfillment.

We know that we are identifying ourselves with our Sun Sign when we exhibit the more positive traits of feeling purposeful, directed, proud and creative. We also know this when we demonstrate the more negative traits of being haughty, stubborn, self-centered and judgmental. (Knowing the negative aspects of Sun Sign identity can help us to keep ourselves in check by choosing to shift gears and move along a more constructive path.)

The Sun is a powerful representative of many aspects of our lives. Depending on where it dwells in our chart, it indicates our conscious mind, our will to live, and our creative life force. Being the center of our being, it represents our ego or sense of self and shows the amount of self-determination we exhibit while reaching toward our goals. It is our adult nature that keeps our inner child in check while indicating our level of honesty and integrity. The Sun also signifies our leadership qualities and our ability to impress and influence others.

There is much that can be gleaned by studying the Sun's placement in our own natal charts; including insight into the most constructive behaviours to utilize that will move us forward on our unique paths. Insight into the best form of our unique expression can be found there. For instance, the Sun's affiliation with a sign indicates our life purpose and the style in which we leave our mark in the world. The Sun's position in a house signifies what area of life we find full expression of our character and the experiences that contribute to our sense of individuality. It also indicates how we seek admiration, attention and respect from those around us.
A visit with a professional astrologer can help us to clarify how the Sun is working for us, and what we can do to best utilize our own unique power and gifts in order to be of service to ourselves individually, and to the world as a whole.


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