Wednesday, July 1, 2009

July’s Celestial Dance

The year so far has been rife with positive, forward movement on a global scale and we’re still going strong in that direction. A few unusual planetary occurrences have been slated for this year, and we’ve already seen a couple. In this article, I will focus on the energies created by the dance of Sun and Moon in eclipse.

This month, we’re experiencing a pairing of both Lunar and Solar eclipses, akin to the duet we experienced in January and February of an Aquarius/Leo energy, which signified a new beginning and a solid shift (finally!) into the much-anticipated Aquarian Age. While we’ll see an encore performance of the Aquarian/Leo pairing of eclipses later this year, this month will see the Lunar/Solar dance take place in the signs Capricorn/Cancer. We’ll witness a prenumbral Lunar eclipse, which will be barely visible with the naked eye, on July 7. If you detect anything at all visually, it will be a slight shading of part of the Moon…however astrologically, there will still be significant effects.

Lunar eclipses signify a period of major changes; the ending of old, outmoded ways of doing things and the beginning of a fresh methodology that promises great benefits if utilized effectively. Emotional by nature, these changes often refer to relationships in one form or another. These changes often have to do with how we relate, and the shifts we create will have lasting results. Emotions tend to be easily triggered, and can inspire upsets and sometimes disoriented feelings. The actions we take will likely bring higher awareness and illumination into ourselves and others. Those of us who like to keep our hearts hidden deep inside may suddenly feel compelled to put it all out on the table, finally freeing ourselves from our self-imposed limitations. This can be healthy on many levels, even if it initially feels strange and uncomfortable. It would be good for us all to ease any tension we may feel by engaging in some form of daily physical exertion to keep the energies moving through us and deepening our connection to the All.

The Solar eclipse in Cancer on July 21 will be a total eclipse, and the Moon will be in her Maiden (New) aspect. This is a time of the powerful union of feminine and masculine energies on all levels; both within and without. It’s a time for nurturing of oneself and others, for rejuvenation, healing and renewal. I’m speaking here of both inner transformation and its outward manifestation; it is our choice what we choose to do with this opportunity, on both a personal and global level. This Solar eclipse is asking us to open ourselves to the promise of unconditional love…the highest level of fearless love that is both healing and freeing. It is our choice whether we choose to utilize this golden opportunity, bravely showing up in our own lives and allowing the healing to happen, or if we choose to let it flow by. What do you think? Are you ready? I know I am.


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