Wednesday, April 1, 2009

An Inner Interlude

In our explorations of 2009 so far, we’ve uncovered some pretty fascinating events regarding our celestial guides, which have this amazing knack of cluing us in to the bigger picture of events here on Earth. As I’ve mentioned in recent articles past, the planetary indicators are suggesting that we make some pretty hefty about-faces in the way we do things on our lovely planet…and it appears that, thankfully, many of us are taking these ideas seriously. Many planetary dynamics have already been underway this year, giving us a wealth of guidance in how to go about creating the change this world is ready for. And this is only the beginning, my friends!

As far as celestial events go, this month we’ll see a bit of a biggie on April 4th when Pluto, our powerful little Feng Shui guy, goes retrograde in Capricorn. Pluto will stay retrograde for around five months, returning to direct motion on September 11, 2009. While Pluto has been in Capricorn for some time now, its imminent retrograde motion will amplify our current transformational trip to the ninth degree. Pluto retrograde is indicating an opportunity for us to become greatly introspective, both on an individual and collective level. Its visit with Capricorn is indicating the transformational focus needs to be on some areas of interest for Capricorn; namely the economy, corporate structures, aggressive competition, traditional values, and the uncompromising pursuit of success.

Pluto inspires us to dig down deep and explore our inner murky depths -- you know the ones I’m talking about; the scary viscera that we always want to shove down even deeper and out of the light of day in the false hope that it will go away unseen by others. C’mon now, we’ve seen where that’s gotten us, haven’t we? Now we are being gifted with an opportunity to heal through purging and transformation. In watching the news, reading the paper, or even just being mindful of the concerns of our co-minglers we’ve become aware of how the present corporate structure is being forced to revise itself in light of many recent revelations into how those in positions of authority have run things up to now. This has Pluto in Capricorn written all over it; exposure of all secret undercurrents and demands for change. Now that a retrograde period is imminent, we’re inspired into even deeper investigation and are being urged to let go of antiquated attitudes, the giving away of our own power to those we think know better than we, and our rigid systems.

On a personal level, Pluto retrograde is an opportunity to do some deep introspective work, assessing what patterns we hold that make us feel out of control, which in turn compel us to engage in control struggles over others. These internal meanderings help us to discern where and why we give our power away, to release outmoded patterns, and to seek out various forms of regeneration. Wherever Pluto hangs out naturally in your chart, and which area of your chart his present journey leads, will indicate the direction your current inner focus will take. Pluto encourages us to take a deep long look. Yes, there can be some pretty scary-looking cobwebs and creepy-crawly things in there, but if we look at them from a higher view, we will see that it’s just our “stuff,” not us. We are not our stuff. In fact, we are better, more beautiful and more alive when we are free of it.


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