Friday, May 1, 2009

Upward and Onward in May 2009!

Happy Mayday, my friends! Spring is finally here, and I'll bet that right about now you're wondering what the planets have in store for us this month. I know I am, so let's peruse these events together, shall we?

Gear up again, dear readers, for a bit of a bumpy romp mentally when Mercury goes retrograde in cerebral Gemini from May 7th to May 30th. Check and double-check any important contracts, communications and decisions during this time - if they absolutely have to happen. If these issues aren't immediate, however, perhaps you can put them on a back burner and ponder things a bit until about a week after Mercury goes direct. When communicating with others, try to put some thought into each statement before blurting them out. Conversely, if someone's said something that you find puzzling or upsetting, cut them some slack and wait a bit for clarity. Chances are that Mercury's involved in some way. A good way to take advantage of this period is to take time for personal reflection, and to keep your mechanical equipment well-maintained and fully functional.

During his "backward" motion, Mercury will return to Taurus for a spell, giving us just a tad more grounding than we felt with Gemini. Remember, however, that Mercury will still be retrograde until the end of the month. Keeping Taurus's stubborn nature in mind, try to avoid being overly forceful in your communications. Treading too hard can close a lot of doors down the road, so if you're feeling inflexible during this period, consider easing up a bit.

Jupiter conjuncts Neptune May 27 in the progressively mobile sign of Aquarius, and the effects will be felt for a couple weeks. This will happen again on July 10 and December 21. What is so absolutely cool about this is the expansive, mind-blowing quality of energies these planets in Aquarius create, which then inspires us to follow suit. This just serves to move us further along into the shifts and turns the year has promised, and delivered, so far. (Are you still keeping your chin up about the exciting transition we're engaged in, while refusing to buy into the fear element of resistance? I sure hope so, because the growing pains we're currently experiencing will be so very worth it in the long run. Trust me on this one. Just have faith and remember to breathe. In, out, in, out…keep going…you got it.)

We're getting through this together, as Aquarius is known to encourage. With Neptune's capacity for compassion coupled with Jupiter's bighearted indulgence, this conjunction inspires deeper faith, hope and the courage to reach out and create a better world. The veil is lifting as our collective eyes are opening to a more profound knowledge of our inter-connectedness, and the awareness that it's not only safe, but beneficial to work together. Cooperative endeavors can be nurtured now, along with a good, healthy dose of common sense. I speak of this because in our efforts to create strength through solidarity, there are those who may see this shift as an opportunity to press their own agendas. Knowing that it is possible to let our minds and hearts soar while keeping our feet firmly planted on the ground, however, will ensure our continued freedom to transform ourselves and this world.

Are you still breathing?


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